10 Reasons to Travel Solo


Solo Trip to California

Many people don’t feel comfortable traveling solo.   Usually the fears of being lonely, unsafe, and vulnerable are factors.   Some of the reasons to embark upon a solo trip are:

  1. You can go where you want.  Sometimes it’s difficult to agree upon a destination.  If your companion prefers all-inclusive beach resorts, and you yearn for an exotic spot in India, someone will be disappointed.
  2. You can do what you want.   Whether you’re traveling with an elderly parent, a child or a couch potato, when traveling with others, activity preferences are frequently dissimilar.
  3. You can eat where you want.  Some palettes tend to be very liberal and experimental and others lean towards meat and potatoes.
  4. You don’t have to listen to others complain.  If your traveling companion wants his eggs cooked to perfection and detests long lines at attractions, you’re bound to hear complaints.
  5. It’s easier to meet people.  If you tend to speak to strangers and enjoy meeting locals, then solo travel is magic.
  6. There’s no one snoring in your ear or making a mess in the bathroom.  We all have quirks and/or traits that others find irritating, but when on your own, you avoid these irritations.
  7. You can travel and walk at your speed.  Constantly adjusting your pace to match someone else’s is no fun.
  8. You can sleep late or get up early.  An early bird and a night owl traveling together don’t mix.
  9. You can travel last minute.  Some of the best deals can be found when your plans are flexible.
  10. The feeling of accomplishment you gain during and after a solo trip is very rewarding.

Start out small by going out to eat by yourself, followed by a weekend trip to build up your confidence!

311 thoughts on “10 Reasons to Travel Solo

  1. It seems like the overall theme in this list for traveling solo is freedom! You can go
    where you want, do what you want, and talk to who you want. But sometimes, that’s a
    little scary. It’s a little contradictory, but a lot of people start solo traveling by traveling
    with other single travelers. It’s a good way to get used to traveling ‘alone’.


  2. I’ve been travelling on my own on and off for the last 15 years or so and can certainly recommend it. I love the freedom it gives me and being anonymous for a while is liberating.


  3. I have travelled both alone and with friends and family. I always find that special moments are heightened with company, especially with your soul mate. Travelling with someone else often pushes you to do things you might not have done or experienced if they had not been there.

    Two people travelling together is enough to share the experience but not enough to block out the culture you are visiting. You are forced to interact with your surroundings.

    My only proviso is that if you have limited time the Gap or Intrepid tours are a reasonable compromise. I have been on one and it was excellent. I see that you have been on a few as well.

    Love reading your blog and thanks for being the first to like my new blog.


    • I’m glad I was the first! And..you’re right about sharing a trip with someone. But..sometimes you can’t find a suitable travel companion and you definitely meet more people when traveling solo.


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  6. Beyond the concerns of safety, I’m curious if anyone feels that society grooms us to be dependent on others beyond reason. Specifically, do we always need someone to tell us that our preferences/experiences/etc. are “acceptable” or the “correct experiences?” How much does this play into wanting to travel with others?


    • I think we are born with the need for human interaction. Traveling solo is easier for some people because they meet people so easily.

      As I’ve gotten older, I don’t require as much acceptance from others as to whether they agree with my choices or even like me!


  7. yup! i love traveling solo! although my only concern is safety and having to lug lots of stuff and use the toilet. 🙂 have fun with your travels!


  8. Yeah sometimes I like my quiet time. I’ve never really traveled alone except to visit family, so it was only a flight. But my only concern would be safety. I wish my grandmother was more like that, then she could stop saying she’s lonely and meet some friends.


  9. After a couple of disastrous trips with friends when I was younger, I learned I was destined to fly solo. It’s the only way to go! You reasons are right on.


  10. you’re totally spot on!! its better to do the things you want to, go where you want to, and beyond that. after reading that, I sure feel like treating myself to some good food at a nice restaurant. who knows what trip I’d be on in a few week’s time.


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