Washington/British Columbia Trip – Day 4

Although we hadn’t planned on going to Olympic National Park, it turned out to be the highlight of the entire trip for me.  It was another 13 hour day.  We drove 40 minutes from Seattle to catch the Edmonds/Kingston ferry, where we drove our car on.  The ferry ride over took about 20 minutes.  After driving a couple of hours, our first stop was the beautiful Crescent Lake, where we had lunch at the Lodge. The blues are so brilliant!

From there we made our way to the Hurricane Ridge Road entrance to Olympic National Park.  It was a windy road with scary cliff drop offs, but so worth it!  We hiked the 3 mile round trip, Hurricane Hill trail.  I have hiked at some amazing places, but this is my favorite hike.

I felt like I was in the Alps.  The fresh pine scent intermingled with the fragrant wild flowers, along with the truly spectacular views was amazing!

5 thoughts on “Washington/British Columbia Trip – Day 4

  1. Lovely photos! When I was there it was being rain foresty ; we spent four days at various corners, doing hikes. Moss in the mist was nice. But the one day we had allowed for Hurricane Hill was terribly foggy, so we turned back. We went to a coffee shop to drown our sorrows and, serendipity, we found a brochure about the Lavender Festival that very day, so we drove to Sequem [sp?] and ate lavender sausage, lemonade, and ice cream plus smelled the wonderful scent as we browsed art booths. One could also tour lavender farms, but we saved that for another year.


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