Hiking in Hocking Hills State Park

Since returning from my whirlwind trips through Washington, British Columbia, Colorado and New Mexico, I’ve been thinking more about finding beauty in your own backyard.  Many people from Cincinnati usually feel that there are much better places to live than here, but because of work or family, continue to reside in this area.  I’m beginning to embrace living here and realize there are wonderful places for enjoying the “great outdoors”.  I have been a member of Meetup.com for four years and joined a hiking club at that time.  My friend Dee, my husband Randy and I decided to take a day trip to Hocking Hills State Park, which is located 2 1/2 hours from Cincinnati in Logan Ohio, to hike 5-6 miles with the club.  These are photos from the day…

This is a “Hickory Horned Devil” and then it becomes a “Royal Walnut Moth” or “Regal Moth”.  Later that day when I showed my friend Dee a photo of it, she thought it was a fake photo because it looks like it has sunglasses on.  It was about 4 inches long by 1 inch wide.

Since I was taking quite a few photos…I was usually lagging behind and had to run to catch up…but sometimes it’s better to be by yourself.  It’s quieter, no people in your photos and the timing was good for getting this photo.  I was told that this guy just dropped out of a tree a minute earlier.


I love the “gnarled” look of these roots…


Everything seemed to have a green hue…lots of moss-covered rocks and even trees.


Since today was a record 100 degrees…I had to take a dip in the ice-cold water!


This is Dee…


I usually try to turn around frequently when I’m taking photos so that I can see things from a different vantage point or observe when the light changes or is really nice…like this photo!

Hope you’re finding beauty in your day!


50 thoughts on “Hiking in Hocking Hills State Park

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  2. Absolutely gorgeous!!! Was wondering if that was your dog in the water. Thank you for sharing. It feels like you were hiking in a fantasy world with all those intertwined roots and exquisite light against the trees. I can feel the texture looking at them.


  3. You are more than welcome to tag along with my group of fabulous girlfriends when we go to Bora Bora in celebration of our 50th birthdays. That will be in 2014 so you’ve got a decent amount of time to pack!

    Lovely pics – thanks for sharing.



  4. Wow. I mean…WOW! I’ve never seen anything like that hickory-horned devil — not something I’d like to encounter in my home or bed…

    Great pix — so interesting to see the native landscape of that part of the country. Absolutely stunning…


  5. Oh my! Brings back my childhood. My grandmother and great aunt loved Rock House and Old Man’s Cave and we went there frequently when visiting them–before it was a state park. I’ve been back since it was a state park…luckily we did Old Man’s Cave the evening we arrived since it rained the next day which was our planned hiking day. We went to the museum at Marietta instead so as to do something inside. Have you been to Serpent Mound? Another fascinating place not too far.


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