Training for a Half Marathon

I believe that most people are capable of much more than they realize.  We limit our thinking because of what we’ve been told or read.  A few weeks ago I was jogging three to four miles approximately four times a week and wondered what a “realistic” jump in mileage would be, so I googled “training for a marathon” and the first site was “Hal Higdon’s Marathon Training Guide“.  He said the first week you could run three miles, three days in a row and then after a day of rest, run six miles for your long day of running.  I started following his schedule and was up to 7 miles the second week.  My knees were a little sore that day, but I’m getting stronger.  I even started taking vitamins that include Omega 3 for joints.  The longest I’ve ever jogged before that was five miles in the bayou of Louisiana, while in the Army, when I was 21.

My doggie loves me, because I take him to a nearby nature center and trail run with him.  I’m usually the only one there, so I let him run free!

I didn’t plan on entering a marathon, in fact, my timing was off, because you need to train for at least 4 1/2 months and all of the marathons would be finished by then.  I was telling my friend, Sherry, about training for the non-existent marathon and she suggested a half marathon.  So, that’s how it came to be.

6 thoughts on “Training for a Half Marathon

  1. Hi Travel Spirit,
    A major problem with excessive exercises is that vital minerals are depleted (sweated out) from the body. Over time this can be deadly. A warm Epson salt (magnesium sulfate, a key building block) bath a couple times a week becomes critical in replenishing lost minerals. Use plenty of natural sea salts too from places like the Dead Sea or from highlands like the Himalayas or Peru. Bleached table salt (Morton’s) is stripped of nutrients and processed with foul chemicals.

    Fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices contain an amazing range of phytonutrients.
    Eat healthy fats from free range animals, coconut oil (for cooking), olive oil (for dressing) and avocados. Fresh toxin, hormone, antibiotic free whole foods while go a long way towards supporting your healthy ambitions.

    Avoid sugar, refined grains (flour) and high fructose corn syrup which cause insulin resistance, heart disease, arthritis, dementia, Alzheimer’s, immune system failure and which amplify all naturally occurring cancers. Avoid also soy which gums internal organs unless it’s fermented and, avoid it doubly if it’s GMO. Corn too. 95% of all soy and corn sold in the USA are GMO poison.

    Run well and finish in good health.


  2. Way to go!! I fell into my half marathon too. I was only curious about it and before I knew it I was training, then I completed it. Nothing prepares you for the emotion and pride. It is a life changing experience. Congrats! Wear your medal with pride 🙂


  3. You go, girl! You are so right that we just need to keep pushing ourselves to do a little more and we’ll be surprised by what we accomplish. I wish I remembered the source, but I do not, but I read an article once that expressed your same idea in relation to world records. If you check records, the best time or shot often stands for quite some time–as people go, “WoW–that is so great, who thought anyone could go so fast.” Then eventually someone breaks the record and ion a short spurt the record often inches up again and again–as if people wnt “oh, it is do-able,” and they finally started trying. If you think it, dream it, you can do it–as Yoda would said, “No try, do.”


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