Everything is a Miracle

I believe everything is a miracle.  You are a miracle.  There is no one else on earth like you!  Everywhere you look, there is a miracle…the spider web in the windowsill, the computer I’m typing on, flying in a plane, being able to hear and see and taste and touch everything!

People are amazing…the things that they can do physically and intellectually!  Animals are so cool!  Anyway, this is the park I trail run at, but I took a hike there tonight…some of the photos may seem to look-alike, but they are actually quite dissimilar…the colors of green are different and the composition of the trees, etc.

This is what I see first after exiting the vehicle to jog or hike…

Then…I walk down this gravel road and turn to the left…


Jake, the spoiled hunting dog runs ahead…



That’s me…

It felt strange hiking rather than running the trail this time…


I love the light in this photo…


Here comes Jake…


There goes Jake…

Hope you can see the miracles all around you and in you and have gratitude for them!!

8 thoughts on “Everything is a Miracle

  1. I just found your blog and what a treat. I just love these pics because they are part of everyday life made special. That is so good and important to be thankful and present in our daily lives. Thank you.


  2. Beautiful trails! This is such a wonderful post ooozing with the joy of seeing the miracles around us.
    When I accepted the first VB award back in June, I mentioned as my 7th thing that I consider it a miracle that I am here, since my parents came from two different parts of the world.


  3. Hi Sherry
    I love these photos and so understand that all around is a miracle. I have a woods near me (just outside London) and I love walking there with my dog.
    I read a quote the other day that really inspired me to stop and notice the miracles around us. “A happy life is just a string of happy moments. But most people don’t allow the happy moment, because they’re so busy trying to get a happy life”. — Abraham
    Keep enjoying your woods!


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