Last night I went to an event in Cincinnati at Mirror Lake in Eden Park…called Balluminaria.  It was beautiful!  There was one balloon in with the crowd…

Across the small man-made “Mirror Lake” were the other balloons.  In preparation for nightfall…

It was a bit breezy, so you couldn’t see the balloon reflections very well, but it was still really lovely!

I forgot to take my tripod…but they turned out pretty well anyway…I think!


14 thoughts on “Balluminaria

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  2. Beautiful balloon shots. You need to give the annual Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta a try sometime. The predawn “balloon glow” featuring many hundreds balloons is just spectacular.


  3. The Cincinnati balloon festival was the same weekend as the one here in León, México. How ironic! Or maybe planned? I like the nighttime photos. They had the same event in León, but I was too tired to make the long trip back to the park at night.


  4. Hi,
    I come by your post via afrankangle who left a link to this post in a comment on my blog, and I must say the photo’s are spectacular, and the colors are magnificent, what a wonderful event to have seen.


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