Around the World Travel & Groupon

Today, Groupon advertised an around the world airline ticket for two people for $10,000.00 (with some restrictions and excluding taxes), including up to 10 stops.  So…I got on Airtreks to decide where I would go.  I’ve played around with this numerous times…it’s fun!  You have to go from East to West or vice versa…you can’t backtrack.  Groupon mentioned North America, Europe and Asia, so I’m assuming I shouldn’t have included South America, Africa, Australia, or any islands.  It was difficult to narrow it down, so I have more than 10.  You can also choose to go overland (via some other transport, i.e. vehicle, train, etc.), which is noted with the blue.  I would do some other overland (i.e. once I was in Uganda, I could take a bus or local airlines to Kenya/Tanzania and Cape Town and then fly from there to India.  In South America, LAN Airlines has a great deal to fly around their country.  Last time I checked, it was something like $300-$400 to fly to Chili, Brazil, and Argentina.  In Europe, of course I would take the train. 


 For this route…Airtreks would charge:

USD $6038 to USD $8272 and would throw in Bogota, New York City, Sao Paulo, Delhi, and Los Angeles.

Cincinnati – New York – Bogota – Quito – Overland – Rio de Janeiro – Sao Paulo – New York – Dublin – Overland – Istanbul – Athens – Entebbe (Uganda) – Mumbai – Delhi – Kathmandu – Kuala Lumpur – Hong Kong – Beijing – Sydney – Christchurch – Auckland – Papeete (Tahiti) – Los Angeles – Cincinnati

As you can see from my map…I want to go everywhere!

7 thoughts on “Around the World Travel & Groupon

  1. Wow! I’m booking with Air Treks right now but just doing SE Asia, Europe, and then back to the US; I can’t wait! My trip is less than $5000 though because I’m not doing as much air travel….lot of overland!


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