Happy Easter

I’d like to wish everyone a Happy Easter!  I’ll be spending mine with ex-family–I know it’s complicated.  We’re going to my brother’s ex-wife’s sister’s house.  My brother won’t be there because he and his wife have other plans (we all usually get together).  Hopefully my son will make it there.

I made a centerpiece for his ex-wife and her sister.  Here’s a photo…


I found the idea on Pinterest.  They’re quite simple (a little labor intensive) and inexpensive to make.  Hardboil four dozen eggs, color them, and add real or “fake” flowers.  I chose fake so that they can be used again next year.


Walmart glass containers               $12

Eggs @ $1.00 per dozen                 $ 4

Dye                                                      $ 1

Flowers (from the dollar store)     $12

Total                 $29 divided by 2 = $14.50 each

Sending peace, love, joy, happiness, safety and clarity to you!


50 thoughts on “Happy Easter

  1. Georgette Happy Easter from Wales !
    I love your photos especially the Gondolier in Venice.
    My hobby is creating digital art and charity fund raising,
    ( see my website http://www.HoultonArt.com ).
    Please email me as I want to ask your permission to use the gondolier image ( converted into black and white ) .Your new art fan David, aged 52 and a half !


  2. Very pretty … and Easterly! Great idea that I will take on!! Thanks! This ex families … my ex .. their ex … their children, your children and my children . then my ex new partner and their children. *laughing.


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