Greetings from Africa

Hello friends!  I was going to wait until after I returned from Africa to begin posting, because I knew there wouldn’t be much time, but I wanted to touch base with all of you!  Let me begin by saying…Africa is amazing!!  So much has happened in the 10 days I’ve been here, so I will give a quick summary.

My traveling companions are from all over the world.  Sixteen men and women..single and married…from Ireland, Australia, Germany, Canada, Hong Kong, S. Korea, Denmark and one man located within 45 minutes from where I live in Ohio!

I am currently in Swakamund, Namibia in a guest house within four blocks of the beach.  Until now, we’ve been camping and putting up our tents each day.  I am the only solo camper, but I’ve learned to put the tent up myself within 5-7 minutes.

Home away from home

We’ve already had two mishaps with the overland truck.  The first morning as the three guides were preparing to load our luggage, someone drove by and tore the doors off of the truck in Cape Town.  We waited two hours for another vehicle to arrive.  The replacement isn’t quite as nice as the original, but we’re going with the flow.

A few days ago our truck broke down in the desert.  It took them almost an hour to fix it.  But…when you’re visiting spots like this….you embrace it!

Dune 45 rising over 1100 feet or 350 meters high at a 45 degree angle – Sossusvlei Desert in Namibia

We left our campsite the other morning at 5:00am to drive the 15 minutes to Dune 45, also known as “Big Daddy”.  I was too scared to hike to the top.  It is much higher than it looks!  Next, we drove a short distance to the Deadvlei Salt Pan in the desert.  As you can see, it’s amazing!!

Deadvlei Salt Pan

I’ve seen all types of animals along the road while driving.  We’re heading towards Etosha National Park next.  My wifi and cell phone service is sporadic, so I’m not sure when I’ll post next.  As I said before, I’ll be posting some pre-prepared posts that don’t relate to Africa in between if there is no time to post!  Hope everyone is well!!

44 thoughts on “Greetings from Africa

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  2. Mom,

    Wow! Those pictures are amazing and sounds like your having a blast! Can’t wait to hear about everything. Have fun and come home safe! Love you!



  3. Thanks for the photos. I recall seeing a series of photos about the area with the dead trees. Keep enjoying yourself and keep the head up any more unforeseen circumstances.


  4. Sounds like you are having such am amazing time! Great photos! Africa is a huge dream on my bucketlist – can’t wait to hear more of your adventures – can’t wait to go and experience myself as well! Have a great time!


  5. It’s is great to get a little upon from your trip – which sound like an amazing experience. Unforeseen incidents will always happen when you travel. The trick is to enjoy the unknown situations or try to make the best of them. That is really travelling. The photos in this post is just amazing, and I really look forward to reading more about your trip – and see some more picture. Until then, enjoy the trip.


  6. What a great experience! I have a friend who went on one of those trips. She loved it so much that she joined the company and became a tour driver. Fantastic.

    Glad to hear you’re enjoying yourself.


  7. Sherry, it was so good to hear from you! I enjoyed hearing a little bit about your travel companions and found your pictures to be amazing. I can’t get over those dunes!!
    Stay safe and keep having fun!



  8. Wow! This is so cool! Love the colors of sand and that tree photo is a National Geographic type of shot… Go Sherry! Want to see pictures of you !! Enjoy the ride darling! And say hello to Zanzibar from me! Don’t forget to eat at Forodhani Gardens and try there amazing shark with Cane juice …. and also visit last floor of Africa House Hotel … not everybody knows about it… ; )

    love & light to you

    el xo


  9. The more mishaps, the more memorable the vacation, I suspect. 🙂 It sounds like, despite the little aggravations, you are in awe of your surroundings. Here’s wishing you a safe, fun, adventurous, completion, of your visit to Africa.


  10. Thank you for letting us know that everything is alright with you and you’re doing great. Thought about you yesterday – wondering. Can’t wait for you to come home and all the posts we will be sharing. Stunning photo, my favorite is the last – with the two different shades. Enjoy every minute.


  11. Just thinking about you yesterday, missing your posts, and here you are today. Hope you have a good trip without any more mishaps, and if there are any, that they’re minor. Have fun.Take pictures. Keep a journal.


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