Couchsurfing Cape Town

If you’ve never heard of Couchsurfing before… based on my first experience… it’s a wonderful way to learn about a new place.  I stayed with a couple named Odette and Neal in Cape Town, Africa and they were so hospitable!

Neal and Odette

They picked me up at the airport and I even had my own bedroom in their lovely home!

Odette and Neal’s place

They enlisted their neighbor…Keith…to take me hiking to the top of Table Mountain—Amazing!

Indiavestner Trail–Table Mountain, Cape Town

Taking Cable Car down from top of Table Mountain

I ate wonderful home cooked meals with them and they even took me shopping!  I took them out to dine at a sushi restaurant as a token for their kindness.

A fellow blogger, Rory Alexander, met up with us while we were dining.  He has three blogs and I would link to them, but my link isn’t working correctly right now.  He’s an unbelievable photographer!

I’m definitely a fan of Couchsurfing now!

34 thoughts on “Couchsurfing Cape Town

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  3. I live in South Africa and it is no more dangerous or unsafe as anywhere in the world. I’m sure you found your stay enjoyable and I hope you spread the word of how beautiful our country is… we need the tourism to aid the healing process from past happenings… I just love your blog…


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  5. It’s fun to read about your adventures in Africa. I have never heard about couchsurfing, but it seems to be a great idea. Have more fun in the days to come!


  6. My daughter couchsurfed all over Europe at the age of 19 and loved it. Met some awesome people that way. Yay for your cool adventure!


  7. I know about Couchsurfing long time ago, but haven’t tried. You luck-ed out on having good sponsors. I am however will be meeting some fellow wp Cali bloggers soon.


  8. I`m s CS member and I think it s great. I contacted some people in Ecuador through CS and when I say in my first post that I thank all the people, I m thinking of them.


  9. Something new to me … have to check that out … you have been your couch. Wonderful to hear from you and to see that the trip has been a fantastic experience and you look like the holiday have done you plenty of good.


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