Cape Town Peninsula Tour

While in Cape Town, S. Africa I went on a day tour of the peninsula of Cape Town.  It covered most of the sites to see while in town.

The weather was beautiful that day and the coastline is spectacular!

The above photo is of Boulder Beach.  There is a colony of penguins located there and I just had to take the following photo of a couple in love!

This range of mountains is called the Twelve Apostles.  There are more than  twelve…so there are a few theories as to why they’re called the Twelve Apostles.

It was quite windy at The Cape of Good Hope, which is the most southern tip on the west coast of Africa.

You can’t help but to fall in love with Cape Town!  It is gorgeous!!  I’d like to thank all of you for your kind comments and wish I had time to respond.  I’ll be writing a post to explain the strenuous time schedule.  I miss talking with you!

19 thoughts on “Cape Town Peninsula Tour

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  3. Hi There,
    I know it is an exceptional place, and we do fall in love. Great pictures and thank you for appreciating my country.
    See U later.


  4. Don’t worry about the response – shouldn’t be on holiday and have to answer our replays – stunningly beautiful and fantastic pictures – so great to hear from you and that you’re enjoying yourself.


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