Africa Overland Truck Experience with G Adventures

Driving from Cape Town through S. AfricaNamibia — Botswana — Zambia — Malawi — Tanzania is A LOT of driving.  G Adventures‘ 35 day Overland Truck trip has you in the truck for more than 140 hours…which is more than three full work weeks.

On the road in Namibia

So…to pass the time we came up with lots of games to play.  I brought three beach balls to give to children, so we had a blast hitting it around the truck.  Here’s Noreen (from Ireland).  We played “Bee Bee, Bumble Bee, I see something you don’t see”.  I made funny faces!  We played rock, paper, scissors.  I’d place a coin in my hand and have people guess which hand it was in.  Or I’d think of a number and see who came closest.  We played the telephone game once, but Michael (from Ohio) purposely twisted it so it was completely different!  Here’s Michael…

We played Charades, card games, toss the coin and guess heads or tails, name as many countries as you can remember on each continent, stand up and try not to fall while traveling over bumpy roads, see what weird tricks we can do…like move one eye and keep the other one straight, double jointed tricks, etc.  After running out of things, I came up with the game of placing an object on the table in the back of the truck and we’d guess how long it would take to bounce/fall off the table.

We did silhouette animals…

I finished an audio book on my I-Pod.  I also bought a book called “The Last Rhinos” that was newly released and finished that.  I just bought a book by Paul Theroux (sp?) called “Dark Star Safari”.  It’s fun reading stories about the continent you’re on!  Sometimes the roads are too bumpy to read a book though.  We sleep, talk, eat, or do nothing!

 We traveled by some amazing landscapes in Namibia…

Most of Namibia is desert land.  Some of it reminded me of New Mexico!

It’s amazing to me how much variety you find even in the desert…with colors, textures, etc.

Namibia is a beautiful country and although taking an overland truck through Africa is at times difficult…it is worth it!

21 thoughts on “Africa Overland Truck Experience with G Adventures

  1. Not that I have more time, I never do, it seems – , but occasionally come across some of your earlier stuff, and impressive it is. Not only the test, and great photography, but the remarkable adventures and places you’ve been. M 🙂


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  6. Hi,
    My name is Valerie and I am writing from G Adventures. We are so happy that you enjoyed your overland tour in Africa and I love your pictures (especially the finger shadows. They are cute!). Would you be able to contact me via e-mail?


  7. Stunning … road works = your photos. The top one my favorite. 140 hours on the road and I am worried about 14 hours in the air. Fantastic journey you’re talking me on here. Thanks.


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