Day Six of my 35 Day G Adventures African Overland Truck Experience

After arriving in the beautiful town of Swakopmund in Namibia at 11am on day 6 of my 35 day G Adventures African Overland Truck experience, I took a taxi about 4 blocks to a separate hotel from the rest of the group.  Our accommodation for two evenings was to be in a dormitory style co-ed room with 7 of us (including some loud snorers), and there were no other single rooms available, so for $50 a night, I thought it was a great deal.  My room had a skylight and three beds.

After checking in, I went for a walk around the town.

I was surprised at how clean, upscale and new everything looked.  It was not overly crowded, but the few tourists I saw seemed to be mostly European.  Most of the shops had bars on the doors/windows and there was some barbed wire here and there.

I found a salon and had my artificial nails removed for the first time in years.  They weren’t holding up well with all of the camping.  That evening, I met the group for dinner at a restaurant called Napoletans and feasted on Greek pizza!

One of the positives of traveling in Africa by Overland Truck is the ability to see so many different places along the way!  This isn’t the Africa most Americans envision!

10 thoughts on “Day Six of my 35 Day G Adventures African Overland Truck Experience

  1. It looks like Helen, Georgia — or Vail! Not at all what you’d expect in Namibia, and I’m not sure I’m that impressed. BUT I’m thrilled to hear you treated yourself to a nice hotel room — looks lovely! There’s only so much togetherness one girl can take, right?? Have fun next stop!


  2. Africa really is a quilt made up of many different textures and patterns. This area looks so cool! Good for you for stepping out and finding a different hotel. I’m only just now coming to a place in my life where I feel I have freedom to do that. 🙂 You are an inspiration!


  3. These pictures actually remind me of an area of Maui. You are right not what I expected. Hope you got a good nights sleep.


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