Broke down in Africa

As I mentioned in my last post about Victoria Falls, that you can read about here, we switched Overland Trucks and Tour Directors on my 35 day G Adventures Overland Truck African Adventure.  I was relieved about the truck switch because we had broken down five times driving through Namibia and Botswana!

Originally, we were supposed to have a different truck, but the first morning of the trip, as they were beginning to load the truck with luggage, someone drove by and ripped the doors off of the truck!  I took a photo of the road and truck for most of them.


This first breakdown was the longest…over an hour…so the Danish girls decided to get some sun…

Road – breakdown #1

Road – breakdown #2

Road – breakdown #3

The next two days of my 35 day G Adventures African Overland Truck adventure were spent doing a variety of things…organizing my luggage, doing laundry (I only paid to have someone do my laundry twice on the trip), had another massage and a pedicure, internet time (usually I had to pay for wireless), napping, and dinner out with the new group,

The following morning we got on the road by 6:45am and drove 7 hours to Lusaka, Zambia and set up camp at the Eureka Restcamp.  There were some zebra roaming around the campsite…pretty cool!

24 thoughts on “Broke down in Africa

  1. Hi,
    It is always inevitable I think that something happens on a trip, at least you could get out and have a walk around. 🙂
    It must of been very frustrating for the driver, poor guy most likely felt like screaming. The Danish girls used the spare time well. 😀


  2. Love the photos of the roads or maybe it’s the same road ??? …. Because it gives the feeling of waiting and waiting forever. Brilliant – I hope my planes don’t get any breakdowns *smile – it seems like you kept yourself busy anyhow.
    Great post again.


  3. Those long stretches of road certainly would be a little overwhelming each time you broke down. You probably thought there was no end in sight. Glad they got you some new wheels to explore in.


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