Kande Beach, Lake Malawi

Having driven through Malawi, the day before, which you can read about here, my G Adventures Overland Truck group was excited to have arrived to our first campsite as night fell at Lake Malawi…Kande Beach.  We were staying here for two nights.  The next morning, I was up before sunrise, so I walked the short distance to the lake and was pleased to have “Sid”, the campground owners’ dog accompany me and be my protector!  Lake Malawi is nicknamed the calendar lake because it is approximately 365 miles long by 52 miles wide.  You feel as though you’re at the ocean!  It is the third largest lake in Africa and the eighth largest in the world.  You’ll find the most species of fish of any body of fresh water on Earth here at Lake Malawi!  It’s also the second deepest lake in Africa…almost 2300 feet (almost a half mile) deep!

The colors were spectacular!  As I was taking photos I was reminding myself to soak it all in and experience the moments!  It almost seemed surreal!  The sky was bursting with gold and seemed ready to explode!

The day was perfect…not too hot, a nice breeze!  I had read that the Lake may have Bilharzia (a parasite) and could be risky to swim in.  We were assured that the two places we were staying at had no risk because it was moving water.  I did take a dip later that day!

My day consisted of laying on the beach reading a book for a while, some internet time, and a nap after lunch.  That evening we had a party.  We drew names from a hat and had to buy or use something we already had to dress that person up.  I drew our driver’s name–James.  I had a sheet with me so I wrapped it around him like a Toga!

Michael drew my name and dressed me as a Fem bot from the Austin Powers movie.  They have pictures and I hope they don’t blackmail me with them!  We had a Pig Roast and Rum Punch!

Lake Malawi is amazing!

43 thoughts on “Kande Beach, Lake Malawi

  1. Stunning photos again from you – sound like an old record by now *smile … like the beach (top one) wouldn’t mind walking along there … in the sunset after enjoyed that whole BBQ pig. Thanks for bring Africa to me – have only been in Alger and out in a oasis outside
    Algolea, where my partner was heat-testing cars, many years ago now, but I still thing VW test their cars there – this oasis even had a whore house and a hotel *smile – you had to make sure you got a room on the first floor otherwise on water in the shower. It was hot hot .. out there in Sahara


  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I’m so glad you did, because I just got lost in your posts – looking at the pictures, fantasizing about taking the same trips. I’m going to follow you so I can get more ideas for my world travels 🙂


  3. Hi,
    How nice the dog went with you on your morning walk, that is wonderful.
    The lake looks so much like the open sea, just incredible, and I bet that pig was delicious. 🙂


  4. How absolutely gorgeous! I’ve never been interested in visiting Africa (though I do wanna travel to Europe and Latin America) but these photos just make me want to! I wish I could travel more! 😦


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