Hiking Table Mountain – India Venster Trail

I briefly talked about hiking Table Mountain in Cape Town, Africa a few weeks ago in my post about my Couchsurfing experience in Cape Town, but I wanted to give you some additional information!

I had researched a few companies and hikes on Trip Advisor and was interested in the India Venster trail.  I had decided to wait until I arrived in Cape Town to make any arrangements, mainly because of weather.  I’m glad I did, because the people I couchsurfed with were able to get their neighbor, Keith, to hike the India Venster trail with me.

India Venster Trail–Table Mountain, Cape Town

It basically traverses up the front of Table Mountain, under the cable car.  We came across the National flower for South Africa on the trail…the beautiful Protea…

Here’s a closer view…

Being a local, he was very familiar with this trail.  I had read that it isn’t marked as well as some of the others and is a little more challenging because of some rock scrambling.  In America it would be considered a Class 3 level for rock climbing.  I was a bit nervous, but wanted a challenge.  There was only one spot on the trail where I was finding spots for my fingers within the rocks and was perched precariously…wondering what I had gotten myself in to!

The Platteklip Gorge is an easier route for those that don’t want a little thrill!

I had arrived to Cape Town from Ohio, North America the day before, but slept well, so I felt up to it.  Luckily, the day was mostly sunny and we had spectacular views!

The view coming down in the cable car….Spectacular!!

Taking Cable Car down from top of Table Mountain

There have been a number of deaths on this trail, with various contributing factors such as…inferior physical fitness level, traversing down is more difficult than going up, rapid weather changes, and others.

I thoroughly enjoyed my hike on Table Mountain!  It was even better than I expected!!

29 thoughts on “Hiking Table Mountain – India Venster Trail

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  3. I find it interesting that it is more dangerous going down that beautiful mountain than up. O course I know nothing of such things but my head is telling me it should be easier.
    Beautiful photos Sherry.


  4. Spectacular is absolutely the word for the hike and the view. I found the rock wall very interesting in appearance almost like it was carved in blocks. So glad I at least got to see it through your pictures! Couch-surfing worked out well also- yeah. It is a great idea.


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