Random Photos from Africa

Here are some random photos that I thought you’d enjoy from my recent trip to Africa.  The first two are from an experiment that Neil (the husband half of the couple that I Couchsurfed with in Cape Town) performed.  I mentioned to him that I thought everything was connected in the world.  Much more than we realized and he agreed.  He took two pieces of clear glass and placed a dab of toothpaste on one of them, then he pushed them together and pulled apart.  This is what the results were.  The first one is with flash and the second without.  As you can see, every pathway is connected to another!  I thought it was pretty cool!

These ostrich eggs were quite bright and artistic!!

This photo is from Namibia.  It is a social weaver birds’ nest.  They were flying in and out as we stood watching the gigantic nest!

Also from Namibia…a herd of Ostrich!

This was potato placed into a shape to dry.  Not really sure how you eat it!  From Malawi!

As you can see….a lizard or gecko!

These little boys were at a stop in Namibia.  I gave them a beach ball and got back on the overland truck.  When I looked out at them, the one on the right rubbed his tummy to indicate he was hungry so I threw a banana and an apple out to them.

This lady was at the same stop as the boys above.  Her colorful quilted jacket was quite decorative!  Lots of living on her face!

Hope everyone has a wonderful 4th of July and I’m grateful I live in the U.S. (but can travel to visit other places)!!

33 thoughts on “Random Photos from Africa

  1. Love the variety of the collection. Thanks … and have a Happy Fourth! FYI: I believe free choir games concerts at 11 am on Fountain Square starting either today or tomorrow.


  2. great pictures, as Oztrekker says the lizard is a chameleon. I think in the USA you refer to anole lizards as chameleons as they can also change their skin colour, but they are more closely related to iguanas than true chameleons.


  3. That is quite the eclectic collection! Great photos, every one. Happy 4th of July to you. We don’t celebrate it here but we just had our similar holiday July 1st.


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