Listening to your Heart

I’ve decided not to go on the six-week European trip.  Instead, I’m going to get a job and spend more quality time with my husband.  I’ve been searching for a while now…perhaps going through a mid (or maybe later) life crisis.  Feeling that I have to fit everything in now.  I typically had jobs/careers that offered one or two weeks of vacation per year and while my son was growing up, the time was spent going to Myrtle Beach or boating/camping.  When I finally was able to travel for longer periods of time…I went a little “hog-wild”!

We’ve all heard “Balance is important in life” or “All things in moderation” and I haven’t been living my life in balance lately.  So…having recognized that, I’m now going to change it.  It’s O.K. to travel and have fun, but for me to feel fulfilled, I realize I need a purpose.  I enjoy helping people and I have a lot of interests and talents.  Instead of staying trapped in the thinking that I have to figure everything out now…I’m just going to take action and start somewhere!

49 thoughts on “Listening to your Heart

  1. If you heart is not with you on the journey – the journey will be very empty. You have to follow your heart where ever it leads you – even if it’s only to the next block.


  2. “The greatest treasures are those invisible to the eye but found by the heart.” – Anon

    Good luck with the new job and have a blast staying with your family 🙂


  3. You have a husband?! I’m sure he will adore spending more time with you.
    All of your travels have been so intriguing and love is an adventure of its own. I look forward to your next chapter with renewed interest.


  4. Perhaps you could find a way to combine travel with your desire to find purpose – something like mission work. I understand that not all mission trips have to be for extended periods; it’s possible to take two- or three-week trips to help build homes or other needed structures in many different parts of the world.

    Granted, it’s probably not the same as touring the Hermitage in St. Petersburg or taking in the Taj Mahal, but it might be a totally different – and eye-opening – experience.

    Just my two cents worth. Good luck.


  5. Sherry,
    Kudos for knowing what was best for you and your family, making the decision and posting it publicly to back it up. I appreciate your honesty and integrity with us…even though we are just cyber family (so to speak). It shows the strength of your true character… something I really admire you for. There will be more trips and you will appreciate them more because you made this decision of balance for yourself.
    Now for that “finding a job” adventure 😉


  6. In negotiating “terms of travel” (and anything else) with others, I try to use the rule of enthusiastic agreement.There is more negotiation to be done if all parties cannot be COMPLETELY enthusiastic about the plan. For example, I always included casinos with one travel partner (resulted in cruises of the Mediterranean, Baltic, and Aegean seas, and a nice tour of California with a cruise of the Mexican Riviera). I used his Poker time to explore Monte Carlo on my own and, when he won, dinner was on him! The non-traveler and tavel-luster were both ecstatic over the compromise we’d negotiated.

    I hope you all come out of your negotiations with enthusiasm. Its a proud moment when the team wins together!


  7. So you need a break, whatever you need, do it. I was gone a month and did have to get used to that idea, not seeing new sites though, like yourself. I do prefer one or two weeks away many times a year, ha ha. I will miss the adventure, yours that is! Good luck finding a job.


  8. I was a little bit worried about you leaving on another trip right away — even though I LOVE reading about all your adventures (and how ironic, considering I’m going to 12 countries in 12 months, right?) … but I can’t wait to hear what you’ll be doing next. I KNOW it will be exciting, and I’m quite sure your husband is very thankful for your decision!!


  9. work followed by travel will be much more fun than travel followed by more travel – me thinks – so a break might actually spice things up 🙂

    All the Best !


  10. Ahh this was so nice to read. I’ve been feeling very torn about being locked down where I am or up and leaving for a world wide adventure. It’s so nice to know I’m not the only one who struggles with these things. I do love your life of travels though :D!


  11. Travelling is something you can do any time, as long as you have your health. Good for you for having the guts to reassess things and doing what you feel is best for you. There’s nothing wrong with having a second look at decisions.


  12. I find it interesting your thinking, it’s good to spend time with family. Husbands need our company, our moral and spiritual support. Better times to come. The heart is the voice of the soul and is good to stop and listen.


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