A Day in the Country

I had a nice day hiking with my husband at Stonelick State Park, which is located North of Cincinnati and only 20 minutes from our home.  We got a late start–about noon–so it was really hot and humid.  Here are some photos from the hike…

We had fun playing Tarzan on a vine…

He got a little close…

There was an antique machinery show at the Park…so after our 4 mile hike we checked out all of the cool stuff!  I really enjoyed talking to this guy–his name is Jack Miller and he does custom forging–the old fashioned way–a real “blacksmith”.  I would love to learn to make things either by welding or this way.

Here are some of his wares…but he also makes decorative pieces.

I’m not really into antiques, tractors, or old cars…but some of these were really unique…

This is an orchard tractor.  The sides are shielded to protect them from tree branches, etc.

I loved this Studebaker and the attached little camper.  I had checked into buying one of these…I could pull it behind my little honda…sleep in it…it has a fridge & cooktop.  So cute!

To top off the day we had a bite to eat.  I usually eat really healthy…like sprouted whole grain bread, salads, oatmeal smoothies, etc., but I had a cheese (artificial–I think) steak hoagie, Pepsi, and deep fried Oreos!  The Oreos were really good…but now I’m paying for it–sore tummy!!

Hope your day was great!!

20 thoughts on “A Day in the Country

  1. I have a niece who is a welder. She has made some of the most beautiful pieces of art that always surprise me when she shows them to me. You should look into it.


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