Down on the Farm

Last night we went to the neighbor’s house to visit and swim a bit in their pool.  They have award-winning sheep, goats, chickens, a llama, dogs and cats!

This is Ranger.  He keeps watch over the sheep!  He’s got a quirky personality…very fun!

The chickens like to “surf” as James (the neighbor) calls it!

This guy wanted a close-up shot!

He/she wanted to pose for me…

They’re wondering what all the fuss is about!

James warned me about his aggressive roosters…so I stayed behind a log while photographing!


I liked the lighting in this shot…the light green grass against the dark green leaves.

Here’s one of the cats after having some cat nip…

If you ever get tired of looking at real sheep…how about a “decoy”!

Heading home…here are our views down the gravel road 1/8th of a mile…

Lovin’ life in the country!

24 thoughts on “Down on the Farm

  1. Wouldn’t mind neighbors like that … and with a pool. Brilliant photos – like the guy that want to more close and personal with you. Great photo’s – I bet you had a great day .. with all those new friends. Not one photo from the pool. The top photo of the drive way .. with the sun shinning through is breathtaking .. so beautiful.


  2. What a beautiful spot you have shared with us with your own little menagerie to photograph. I hope you enjoyed it all as much as I did.


  3. How nice it must be to have such neighbours! And you got back with some great shots. My favourite is the cat on catnip. Quite a high! Otherwise I have finally caught up with your Africa-travel. I wanted to read you story for a long time, but time was not letting me do so. But what a marvellous trip you had. I totally love Africa – particularly Sub-Sahara Africa – and it was really fun to follow your travel.


  4. How can you find a pool in a farmer’s house? Well that’s quite futuristic in Switzerland… but a every country has it’s own particularities! Great pictures (I do love very much animals…) Thak you Sherry… if you pronouce it “Chérie” in french means “lovely one” 🙂
    wish you a lovely night too


    • It was in the back of the house. I didn’t photograph it…because it was pretty basic (an above ground pool)! I love to hear French people pronounce my name as Cherie…it sounds so romantic and “lovely”!


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