The Germania Society – Cincinnati’s Original Oktoberfest

Yesterday was a fun packed day!  We started by going boating on the Ohio River.  Our boat is old — but it’s fast and fun!  Kinda like us!  I prefer to boat and slalom-ski on the river rather than one of the area lakes because it’s less crowded and the scenery is better.  We’ve been boating on the river for 20 years.  This is in the New Richmond area.

Some of the towns along the river are quaint and picturesque…

We didn’t stay out long because we had plans to go to the Germania Society’s Oktoberfest on the West side of town and meet friends there.  Cincinnati has a large percentage of German heritage residents.  I’ve been to the Oktoberfest that’s held in Downtown Cincinnati quite a few times, but never to this one.  I actually enjoyed it more than the Downtown event.  We hopped on our Harley motorcycle (thank goodness because there were so many people there, you had to park a mile away if you arrived by car) and enjoyed a beautiful ride there.  Randy’s holding my Warsteiner beer (he’s not a lush)…we only drank one…they’re so big!  I’m usually not a beer drinker (I prefer wine) but I really enjoyed this beer and when in Rome!


Here’s our friend Richard on the left – he’s 6’9″ tall (just like my son) – and doesn’t he look so German and handsome!  The other people are strangers that I requested a photo from…

I went off of my Paleo Plan and had a bratwurst, a few potato pancakes and a funnel cake (that I didn’t get a photo of because I was too intent on eating it)!

Some of the traditional games were there…including “The Rat Game”….nothing like betting on rat races!

There were rides…

Alpine Horn Blowing…

I liked the look of these flags under the large tent…

I love the atmosphere once it’s dark…all of the lights are twinkling and anything is possible!

I’m glad we were able to go to a festival type event this summer!  Hope you enjoyed coming along!!

35 thoughts on “The Germania Society – Cincinnati’s Original Oktoberfest

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  3. Good time had by all, and you don’t look too bad for an “older” bird. (ha! ha! that’s me off your Christmas list, Sherry)
    What’s wrong with me? I’ve never been to a German Beer Fest!
    Trying to imagine funnel cake. It’s shaped like a funnel? Tastes like a funnel? No, that can’t be right.


  4. October festival .. now ???!!! It should be in the end of September and October … but like us Swedes … anything for a god party with loads of drinking. Brilliant and fun photos. You have to visit Munich in for their festival – nothing like it.


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