Country Roads Take Me Home

Randy and I took a beautiful motorcycle ride last night.  He drives and I ride on the back…didn’t want to mislead you into thinking we have two!  Although it was hot during the day, because of the low humidity, the evening was chilly.

I told him I’d like to ride around and take some photos…so we rode for about two hours on country roads.  I wasn’t able to get him to stop for some of the photo ops…it was tricky on the roads…also having to turn around too much.

Something I find interesting is that when other people are driving, I get a little nervous and am quite the back seat driver, but when we’re on the motorcycle I feel really comfortable.  I feel a sense of freedom…and I tend to live more in the moment…experiencing the sights, sounds and sensations.

First we rode to a covered bridge that is shut down for repairs.  I would’ve taken a photo of the front, but there was a big ugly sign on it stating that…so here’s a photo of the inside…

This barn caught my attention…love the blue!

I like old barns…

This was a cute homestead…

It was starting to get dark…

I thought you might enjoy this photo I captured the other morning of an owl in the backyard…

Anyway, we ended up riding to a bar called “Plain Folks” that’s located in Pleasant Plain, Ohio, and met our neighbor there.  I didn’t take my camera in…but it’s a really cool place.  It used to be a school house and last night was “open mic night”.  Some really talented people sang and played guitars.  Everything from “On the Cover of the Rolling Stones” to “Take a Load Off Fanny”.  For being out in the middle of no-where, the clientele aren’t your typical “redneck” country folk.

We’re trying to get out and enjoy the weather before the rain starts Saturday!

15 thoughts on “Country Roads Take Me Home

  1. I hope these photos will be on a Pinterest board called “Things I see on the back of our Motorcycle”. OK, maybe not that, but you get the idea. 😉


  2. You live in a nice area .. love that baby blue barn – I like barns too … not many around where I live. Nice bike … many years since I was on a bike – but it’s just exactly what you say … a fantastic feeling of freedom and worrying. The bike suits you. Love the little owl – had one as a pet when I was very young.


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