Street Art and Wine in Columbus

One of the advantages to staying in the City center when you travel is the ability to walk to most of the activities you choose to do.  While in Columbus this past weekend for my annual girls’ weekend, we decided to go to a winery that was almost two miles from our hotel.  Some other activities on our “to do” list were the Columbus Museum of Art, dinner at Martini Modern Italian Restaurant, listen to a live band at Park Street Tavern, and hiking at Scioto Audubon Metro Park.  I printed off directions to each location.

We set off walking on High Street, which is the main drag filled with restaurants and bars.  Here are some of the sights along the way…

Compared to Cincinnati, downtown Columbus seemed smaller and cleaner.  I really enjoy street art and there seemed to be quite a bit of it…

I’m always excited to find interesting architecture and when I saw this man leaning against this building, I knew the composition was nice…

This was one of my favorite paintings and the area was lovely…

My friends thought this one was a bit creepy…

When I looked up and saw this guy hunched over his laptop (or book), I knew it would be a cool shot…

Camelot Cellars, the winery we went to was very nice.  The wine was excellent and the interior had a loft feel with the brick walls and high ceilings.  The only drawback was the lady that waited on us.  Her vibe was definitely negative.

There were only two other couples there and one of them was sitting at the bar with us.  The woman had a huge camera and I thought she was just taking photos for fun, but then the girl across the room let out a gasp and began kissing her boyfriend.  We quickly caught on that he had just proposed to her and the photographer was there to capture the moment!  It was so cute!

I know this is a little weird, but I noticed a gnat in my friend’s glass of wine.  So, after I fished it out for her she put her glass on top of it.  I thought it would make a cool macro shot!

We wandered through some of the shops we passed during the walk home.  This one was so colorful…

Hope your weekend was great!

28 thoughts on “Street Art and Wine in Columbus

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  5. Your right about street art, I agree there are some really great stuff out there to see. Some very talented people and kids. They say that street art is a good thing because it keeps the kids out of trouble you know


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