Ladies Night in Columbus

An evening of dinner and dancing with girlfriends is always a great time and this past weekend in Columbus, Ohio for my annual girls’ weekend, was no exception!  Part of the fun is listening to music while getting ready and taking fun photos!

I think we all looked Fabulous!  Lets embrace getting older and remember the most important thing is to have fun!  Too often, when we look in the mirror (especially those magnified mirrors), we have that inner voice saying negative things about the changes that naturally occur.  Of course, I’m not saying to let yourself go–always try to take care of yourself and find ways to feel and look your best!

Dinner was scrumptious at Martini Modern Italian.  My friend Sherry’s sister-in-law, Jane, who lives in Columbus, joined us for the evening.  She bought our first round of martinis and they were sinfully good!  A gentleman at the bar bought us a round of martinis.  Since we weren’t driving we could indulge!  Our waiter, pictured below, was very attentive!

Our next stop was the Park Street Tavern.  They had a live band and it was a younger crowd…mostly 20’s.  When you’re the only “older” people there, sometimes it can feel a little awkward.

No one was dancing, but that didn’t stop us.  We broke the ice, and soon were joined by lots of other party seekers!

It was a great time!!

8 thoughts on “Ladies Night in Columbus

  1. Love it! Live and let live. You are charging me up, now I want to get out and listen to music. I think with kids you stay home for awhile, then get in a rut and then time for you again. Is fifty the new thirty? I thought I heard that somewhere. Bye


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