Hiking in Autumn

My dog Jake lives to hike with us!  He knows when we put on our hiking or jogging shoes that soon he’ll be out running in the woods!  He races in and out of the doggie door, unable to contain his excitement.  If we take too long, he’ll stick his head through it to see what we’re doing…

I had to take a picture of some of the trees above the roof of the house before leaving for the woods…

And the front yard.  We live on 5 acres (of which 4 acres is wooded) at the end of a lane and love the seclusion.

This spot is located right around the corner from my house.  Definitely worth a stop!

We stopped along the way for a quick photo of a farm.  I love the texture and color of the drying soy bean crop…

These photos are a combination of two different hikes we’ve taken this week.  I am very grateful to have a park within five minutes of my home that is over 500 acres with hiking trails and that I usually have to myself!

The leaves are glittering like gold…

I couldn’t believe how beautiful the trees and reflection were when we arrived to the lake.  If you’re a photographer, you know that almost giddy feeling of enthusiasm when you see something beautiful.

I recently realized that my camera has enabled me to appreciate and observe more of the beauty that surrounds me in people, nature and things.

This is from a hike a couple of days ago as dusk was settling…

Fog had descended upon us as we finished the hike…just in time for Halloween!

Get out and enjoy the beautiful outdoors!  Some people aren’t able to!

27 thoughts on “Hiking in Autumn

  1. I love the dog picture ha! Our black lab goes crazy too! I’ve decided she knows what clothes I wear when I’m going to take her out because she just loses it in craziness sometimes. Also, beautiful fall pictures. I do believe you get more reds where here it seems the majority are yellows.


    • Thanks Jody! Actually, I think our dogs are even more intuitive than we are. I think they can read our thoughts sometimes!

      We don’t get much red in the foliage, but when I see it, I get a photo!


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  3. What gorgeous pictures and your dog is a love bug! I’m back on the fitness wagon, FINALLY! I wrote a post today to clarify that. I’d done so well up through July and I’m ready to find that victorious woman again. You better keep inspiring me!!


  4. Great pictures Sherry. I did the same thing yesterday. I got so excited when I saw this one tree that I just kept snapping and walking an snapping and walking.


  5. So lovely … and I really REALLY appreciate your beautiful photos of the autumn as I am in Vietnam and Cambodia now — in the midst of the rainy season — and though it’s beautiful here with rice fields as chartreusey green as you can imagine — I miss the FALL! Hope the leaves in Atlanta will still be turning when I get back late this week!! I love your posts, Sherry!!!


  6. We have a real “issue” with Ben, our little Yorkie, on Saturday Morning. He somehow knows when we are not rushing around to catch a train in the morning and little bugger wakes us up by barking very loudly and then sits by the front door until we get him out! Then we make a real “feast” for all of us – take him for a long walk, get a paper and end up at the local pub for a nice meal. He loves that but to be honest we all do. We just need a “kick” in the morning.
    Waive to Jake from Ben.


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