Photography while Hiking

Sometimes I wish I lived somewhere other than Cincinnati, Ohio…. somewhere closer to a beach or mountains…but when I look back through my blog posts and photos, I realize there are lots of things to do in this area, natural beauty abounds, and best of all…I have some wonderful family and friends!

I haven’t been jogging for the past few weeks because my neck and back were hurting.  Since I’ve quit, they’re getting better, so I’m trying to hike more.  We went to East Fork State Park last night and hiked a couple of miles.  It’s only 30 minutes from our house.  First, we stopped at the beach and let our maniac dog…Jake…out.  He took off chasing the geese and I started snapping photos!  That’s him in the center at the water’s edge…

I really enjoyed having the birds so close to me.  It’s magical when you hear their wings flapping as they circle around you!

I enjoy everything about photography.  I love looking at the photos afterwards… deciding which ones are my favorites.  It’s interesting to see how the colors change as you change the angle of your camera.  The sky is so blue in this one…

It was very difficult to take a photo of Jake because he never stopped moving and was quite unpredictable!  His enthusiasm is evident though…

We tried a new trail this time.  It’s a 31 mile perimeter trail…but we only went one mile in and then returned before dark.

We stopped at the dam on the way out to capture the sunset…

Randy thought this photo was “artsy”…

I’ve never tried taking photos while the vehicle was moving.  I like the effect…

Thanks for joining me.  I’ll see you soon!

20 thoughts on “Photography while Hiking

  1. Reminds me of the the dog I had as a kid she used to love chasing the gulls off the beach at Broadstairs, The gulls there are possibly the most brazen gulls in the UK, they seem to have no fear of people at all I have seen them snatch food from kids’ hands!


  2. Lovely photos! Born and raised in Northwest Ohio, but have lived in the Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia for 14 years now; I must agree that we can certainly find mother nature to be beautiful everywhere! I’ve found hiking trips with a camera in hand to be the most rewarding, peaceful and soul filling.


  3. The photos are gorgeous and really show off how lovely the area is. Finally, I have finally found something to disagree with you on. The birds flapping above me really creeps me out and I have flashbacks of that Hitchcock movie. 😉


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