Jungle Jims International Market

Yesterday was absolutely glorious!  The sun was shining and it was in the 50’s!  After taking Jake (my dog) hiking, I went to Jungle Jim’s International Market.  Jungle Jim has two grocery stores in the Cincinnati area–one on the West side and one on the East side.  I used to work for him at his Banquet Center as the Event and Sales Manager–selling the space and helping corporations/brides/etc. decide on how to set the room up, what food to serve, the timing, etc.

His stores are amazing!  They have over 20,000 s.f. of space and over 150,000 items for sale.  You can spend hours looking.  He just opened the store on the East side…the one I went to.  There are maps at the entrance!  This is what it looks like when you enter…

The restrooms look like port-o-lets…but they’re not.  Once you enter, you’ll find normal stalls, sinks, etc.  They were voted one of the best public restrooms in the nation!

Jungle (that’s what we call him) is a bit of a prankster!

You’ll find other stores within his store…

He has hookahs for sale…

People from neighboring States come to shop because of the selection of goods from other countries (hence the name “International” market).  I love the use of props!  Guess which culture is being represented here…

Jungle prides himself in having the largest selection of certain items…such as hot sauce…

There’s an entire section devoted to children’s candy!

Now this is my style…hippy chick!  I wish I could tour around the world with this…or something similar!  I just entered a contest to win a teardrop camper…somebody has to win!

The wine and beer selection is unbelievable!

I like the sports fans in the stands…

For 25 cents you can have a taste from a few selections of the day…

Don’t forget…they also have food and lots of it…



Jungle keeps a watchful eye!  I noticed some of the employees following me around while I was taking photos.  They reminded me of the FBI and I felt like ducking behind displays to lose them!

I bought a huge dog bone for Jake while I was there.  It’s at least a foot and a half long!  He’s gnawing on it right now…


If you’re ever within a 100 mile vicinity…I would definitely recommend a stop at Jungle’s!  Jake would too!!

19 thoughts on “Jungle Jims International Market

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  2. I would love a trip to Jungle Jims. I keep meaning to get there, but never do. Oh, and I would LOVE to have that mini camper…just for sleeping in after parties with the wine group, so I don’t have to drive home. 🙂


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