John Bryan State Park…Painted Yellow

John Bryan State Park is located outside of Yellow Springs, Ohio (which is about an hour North of Cincinnati).  One of the reasons I love to hike there is the variety of trails that are available.  John Bryan is sandwiched between Glen Helen Nature Preserve and Clifton Gorge State Nature Preserve and together they offer over 38 miles of hiking trails.

The weather was perfect for hiking today…mid 60’s and sunny!

The Park was filled with yellow…

I took three different photos of the bridge.  Which one is your favorite?

A beaver’s been chewin’ on this tree…

Reflections are so cool…

I must have known to wear yellow so I could match!

P.S.  I’ve decided to buy a mini-van for my upcoming road trip!  I’ll post more details soon!

15 thoughts on “John Bryan State Park…Painted Yellow

    • It’s even prettier in full autumn…I believe that was when most of the leaves were already gone. You should come to Cincinnati…there is so much to do here, it’s really been revitalized!


  1. Wow you match the background in the yellow green .. cardigan. Wonderful, wonderful .. and more wonderful … my favorite is the bridge photo. – second from the top. Love the shade in the wood .. and the reflection in the water. Brilliant photo.


  2. Yellow is not my favourite colour but you make it work. Great pictures. I can’t pick a fav bridge picture. I love them all. I am the same way with bridges. I can’t stop taking pictures from different angles and then I can’t choose.


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