Funky Yellow Springs, Ohio

Yellow Springs, Ohio is one of the most eclectic small towns (that I’m aware of) within 100 miles of Cincinnati!  You’ll find Antioch College, founded in 1852, a progressive liberal arts college located in the heart of Yellow Springs.  After hiking at John Bryan State Park yesterday, we stopped here and walked the few blocks that comprise the main area of town.

Here are some of the treats we encountered…

This is the ceiling of the outdoor movie theater awning…

I love to find the unexpected…like the reflection in this glass…

Artists and “hippies” love to frequent this area.  The faint drifting scent of marijuana lingers here and there.  You’ll find hand painted benches…

And most of the shops are painted unusual colors…



I love the living tapestry inviting you into this restaurant…

You don’t have to look far to find beauty!


14 thoughts on “Funky Yellow Springs, Ohio

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  3. Oh this was SUCH a great start to my day,Sherrie!! My dad went to Antioch in the 30s … yes, right! … and it was an utterly transformative place for him. He always loved his alma mater, and since it was one of the first co-op schools in the country, it drew an amazing progressive group of students who went on to become THE most wonderful people! The guy who started the Berkeley Coop, a theatre critic for the New Yorker, the Quaker representative to the UN — his Antioch reunions even in his 80s were just fascinating. I am so thrilled you brought that all back to me with your post!


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