Sharon Woods on Fire

This Autumn has been unbelievably colorful!  We walked 2.5 miles around the small lake at Sharon Woods Park in Cincinnati last night.  Although the Lumberjack normally walks slower than I do when we hike, I found myself running to keep up because I stopped to take so many photographs! 

Just when I thought I’ve visited the MOST beautiful park, the next one is even better!

There were lots of people there enjoying the 70 degree temperature and the spectacular display of brilliant colors!  Jogging…walking…fishing…

Since returning to Cincinnati in 1990 from living in Dallas and Germany, I’ve visited Sharon Woods quite a few times.  It’s been a couple of years since the last time and I’m so glad I went!

Someone has a good sense of humor…I like it…a lot!

I have tunnel love…

My eyes can’t take much more!

I like the varying textures and colors in this shot…

I love to see couples in love…

Hope you enjoyed the eye candy!  And I’m working feverishly preparing for my three-week road trip to 11 beaches.  Hopefully I can post tomorrow about some of the details!

35 thoughts on “Sharon Woods on Fire

  1. I’ve always wanted to see the northern lights and the northern fall colors but have not been able to go see them. Thanks for bring the fall colors to me with beautiful photos. 😉


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  3. The colours are blinding! I’m with about always thinking you have just found the most spectacular park and then there is another. This one has to be the most breathtaking yet.


  4. What can one say about these photos??? nothing… you need to see my face… my jaw is just hanging open in absolute disbelief of the beauty that you have captured…. these are worthy of a prize… watch for competitions and send them in you are already a winner… absolutely bloody marvelous… this post goes into my save file… kept for very special posts… slow down you’re filling the file…


  5. We also lived in Texas before we moved back to Ohio. While we were in Texas, we lived in Round Rock (outside of Austin). I loved that there really was a round rock there. It was in a creek whose creek bed was made of soft, caliche bedrock. Because the rock was so soft, you could actually see where the 19th-century, iron-rimmed wagon wheels had gone through the creek as settlers in wagon trains moved out west.


    • I’ve been to Austin…back in the 80’s. Loved it! I lived in Dallas for 10 years during my 20’s and had a great time. The heat and traffic started to get to me a little towards the end.

      Anyway, that is very cool that you could see the wagon wheel tracks! Almost like fossils!


  6. Spectacular hardly does it credit, Sherry! I was working on a post but got drawn in. There didn’t seem to be much colour when we came back from Portugal, then the sun came out for a few brief days and we had an explosion too. Sadly, dank, grey, shrouded in fog now. Make the most of it.


  7. Stunning photos again – your world is really on fire just now – looked at our trees in the parks the other day and they have hardly any leafs left and not that intense color anyhow, but we don’t have that much maple trees over here. My pick of the bunch must be the tunnel vision again. *smile but I love the one with the lake the top lake photo. Your eyes and camera is a great team.


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