Most every year I go to the same Halloween party.  I met this group of people through the meetup.com groups I belong to…a few of which are the hiking club and the wine tasting club.  The majority of people are in their 40’s and 50’s.  This year I think everyone looked great in their costumes!

Our host–Bob–is an award-winning wine maker and makes a great pirate!  You might remember me posting about his pig roast over the summer.

I was a viking princess and the lumberjack was “Thor“…

Cindy was a very cute Little Red Riding hood and Kathy was an amazing witch!  I would guess approximately 50-60 people attended the party and every year there seems to be a costume that is more popular than others.  Last year there were at least six cats (I was one of them) and this year it was little red riding hood.

All of the couples dressed in matching costumes.  Ed and Jessie’s 20’s costumes were perfect for them!

Anne, Gina and Kathy are so much fun!  Kathy obviously was a nurse.  She had a rather large syringe filled with some type of alcohol that she would administer upon request!

I loved Dee and Chris’ Gladiator costumes!

Frank got really creative this year as a…you guessed it…”serial” killer!

Gina’s being accosted here by the Martians with too many arms!

I wanted to include my friend Shari in a photo…but in every one of them…she has her eyes closed and it wasn’t because she drank too much!

Dave and Kelly didn’t come together…but she’s a Fallen Angel and he’s a High Priest.

Janet was a jelly fish and John was a diver!  Very unique!

Spiderman looks sexy!

Todd’s eye makeup was nicer than mine!

Tina Tuner looked fabulous!

Tim was wearing another very creative costume — a tribal cannibal!

April makes an amazing Dominatrix with her friend Chris!

Later in the evening the party really got going when we turned the music up outside!

Us “old folk” sure know how to have fun!  Cheers!

14 thoughts on “Hallowine

  1. I noticed I had some visitors from this blog, so I popped over and WOW! I love this post so, so much. You made a fabulous viking princess! I also love the liquor syringe. 😉 And high priest, hilarious!!!

    Thank you for including my costume post!


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