Travel Diary: Washington, D.C. – Day 4

Washington D.C. has a diverse population and my husband and I were fortunate to be in the right place at the right time to join the throng of spectators gathering to watch a Hispanic parade.  We bicycled to the Smithsonian Institute of Natural History to begin our tours of some of the wonderful and free of charge (kinda…taxpayers pay for it) Museums.  As we walked along National Mall, we passed people gathered in groups, putting makeup on and making last minute adjustments to costumes, preparing for the parade along Constitution Avenue.  The mood was festive and the costumes colorful!



These precious little girls were eager to pose for my camera…


There was quite a crowd…


The parade ended with a group of motorcyclists…


The Smithsonian Institute of National History Museum is filled with memorabilia from our Nation’s past to the present…


The USS Philadelphia was part of a fleet under the command of General Benedict Arnold that fought in the Battle of Valcour Island against the Royal Navy fleet on Lake Champlain, New York in 1776 and is the oldest existing man-of-war ship.  It was raised from the Lake in 1935.


One of the most popular displays at the National History Museum are the First Ladies’ dresses.


When first entering the National History Museum, this sculpture of our flag is on display.


The displays at the Natural History Museum are colorful and educational…


This artificial fish caught the eye of my camera…


The Smithsonian Institute Museums are one of our nation’s treasures!

20 thoughts on “Travel Diary: Washington, D.C. – Day 4

  1. Day 4 takes me back to my school days in Fairfax County when my father was at the Pentagon (many years ago). School trips always included the Natural History Museum


  2. Such perfect timing for you to see the parade; your photos capture the personalities of the participants!

    I enjoyed your posts of Bergen when you visited … and now you’re exploring my US home; I lived just north of DC for years before moving to Norway. I remember taking the metro from Greenbelt to Union Station, and walking down to the Mall and the Museums to explore and ponder.

    I’m really enjoying your photos, especially this post’s!


  3. Wow! I enjoyed the color and flair of the parade preparations, Sherry. I also am glad you showed parts of the current museum’s exhibits. I always feel like I learned a little bit and ‘got some culture’ here! Smiles!


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