One night in Wurzburg, Germany

I was going to treat myself to a taxi from my Airbnb in Freiburg to the train station the morning I left for Wurzburg, but there wasn’t one available, so I walked the 10 minutes. I had a great conversation with a German guy with a bicycle on one of the trains. I offered to help him put his bike on the crowded rack and then we talked about all sorts of topics, including politics. The trains were packed with loud guys drinking beer (you’re allowed to take food and drinks on trains throughout much of Europe). Upon arrival in Wurzburg, I stopped for lunch since I had 40 minutes to kill before my check in time of 2:00pm. Once there I dropped my bags and went exploring. It was a cute town. I had four more towns to spend one night in each before reaching Fussen, where the Neuschwanstein Castle is located. It’s known as the Romantic Road or Romantische Straße.


p.s.  If you’ve just began reading…I planned an 11 week, 5 European country, 21 accommodations solo trip from April – June of 2022.  Photos were taken with my LG Velvet Android phone.

Day trip by train from Freiburg, Germany thru the Black Forest

While researching where I could visit as a day trip by train during my five days in Freiburg, I came across an article about scenic trains in Germany, in particular one that went to Donaueschingen, Schluchsee, and Titisee, Germany (the Black Forest). I wasn’t in the mood for walking or biking (my tush hurt from my previous bike rides) and my favorite activity is to spend time in nature, so I took an early train and arrived in Donaueschingen at 9:09am (90 minute train ride). The scenery from the train was beautiful. I walked to the “Source of the Danube” and to a beautiful park called Schlosspark. Next, I took a 50 minute train ride to Titisee, situated on a beautiful lake and had lunch at a restaurant on the lake’s shore. The next train ride was only 20 minutes to Schluchsee which is also next to a beautiful lake, but I stayed only a short time and took the train back to Freiburg. It was a great way to spend the day!

Titisee Lake

Titisee Lake

Source of the Danube in Donaueschingen





p.s.  If you’ve just began reading…I planned an 11 week, 5 European country, 21 accommodations solo trip from April – June of 2022.  Photos were taken with my LG Velvet Android phone.

Five nights in Freiburg, Germany

I arrived in Freiburg, Germany after taking two trains (90 minutes total) from Colmar, France. I only had five minutes to change trains and had to take an escalator and an elevator to get to the correct platform and the doors literally shut less than 10 seconds after I pulled my luggage on board. I wasn’t able to store my luggage at the Airbnb I was staying at until check-in time (they were on vacation), so I paid 5 euros and stored it at the train station. I lived in Germany in the late 70’s for a few years while in the military and had visited Munich in 2014, so I was looking forward to being back.

I thought this was a cool building and unusual outdoor seating. It didn’t look comfortable though.

The McDonald’s sign looks out of place with the 13th Century architecture of Martin’s Gate.

While the Airbnb owners were on vacation they gave me permission to borrow their bicycle. I rode 13 km, exploring Seepark (photo below)

and Japanischer Garten

and a cycling path called F1.

Almost one-third of Freiburg has dedicated cycling lanes.

I stopped in the Cathedral in Freiburg

Researching online I found a Mineral Spa facility called Keidel Therme, located 40 minutes away via bicycle, so I left early one morning. The ride there had designated cycling lanes, but cyclists were whizzing by me on steroids and they weren’t saying “on your left” when passing.

What a wonderful place! I was going to take photos but an employee told me I wasn’t allowed to, but that I could take them from their website. It’s huge with indoor and outdoor facilities and lots of different pools, some that are hot and some lukewarm, cascading water that pounds on your shoulders, jets for your back, legs and feet. They have infrared lights that you can lay under. There’s also a sauna, but I didn’t pay for that. They offer massages and water therapies. Use of the pools is only 16.5 euros for all day.

I stayed in for an hour, swimming from area to area becoming a prune.

Then I purchased a pastry for breakfast and soaked up a little sun, before returning to the pools.

I decided to have lunch there and it was delicious! The experience reminded me of when a girlfriend and I went to a schwimmbad in Frankfurt. We were 19 years old and when we walked into the changing facility we were shocked because there were men and women walking around naked, sprawled out in the sauna. We kept our bathing suits on.

p.s.  If you’ve just began reading…I planned an 11 week, 5 European country, 21 accommodations solo trip from April – June of 2022.  Photos were taken with my LG Velvet Android phone.

On the Street in Munich

While exploring the streets of Munich, we came upon a photo shoot, so I asked the photographer if I could take a photo of the models.  He said to ask them…so I did and they said yes!


Here are some other “people, places or things” I encountered “On the Streets of Munich”

A cute little (old) scooter!


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Munich has Surfing, Beer & Pretzels

Who knew Munich has an outdoor place where talented surfers practice their sport!  My friend and I were walking to the English Garden and as we crested a hill, with the whooshing sound of waves crashing against the cement walls, we were surprised to see these skilled surfers, at times, darting perilously close to the walls.


A crowd had congregated to watch the action…


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Magical Munich

Arriving in Munich with my friend Richard was exciting for me because it was the first time I’d returned to Germany since living there in the late 70’s while in the Military.  Our train ride was six hours from Budapest and I was looking forward to some solo exploration, after having been responsible for guiding 11 other travelers through four European countries for 11 days!  I had reserved an Airbnb in Munich, located within walking distance of Marienplatz and other areas of Munich on my list of things to see.

Richard’s friend that lives in Munich, met us for dinner that evening at an Indian Restaurant called Sangeet.  It was excellent!  I left them to catch up and returned to the Apartment.  The following two days we explored some of Munich.  This gaggle of geese in the English Garden reminded me of the Serengeti migration…


Although the sky was overcast, it seemed nature’s colors were so vibrant!  These ducks were swiveling their heads this way and that…


Approaching one of the squares, either Marienplatz or Oedeonplatz, the fountain’s spray was dramatic!


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