On the Street in Munich

While exploring the streets of Munich, we came upon a photo shoot, so I asked the photographer if I could take a photo of the models.  He said to ask them…so I did and they said yes!


Here are some other “people, places or things” I encountered “On the Streets of Munich”

A cute little (old) scooter!


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Munich has Surfing, Beer & Pretzels

Who knew Munich has an outdoor place where talented surfers practice their sport!  My friend and I were walking to the English Garden and as we crested a hill, with the whooshing sound of waves crashing against the cement walls, we were surprised to see these skilled surfers, at times, darting perilously close to the walls.


A crowd had congregated to watch the action…


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Magical Munich

Arriving in Munich with my friend Richard was exciting for me because it was the first time I’d returned to Germany since living there in the late 70’s while in the Military.  Our train ride was six hours from Budapest and I was looking forward to some solo exploration, after having been responsible for guiding 11 other travelers through four European countries for 11 days!  I had reserved an Airbnb in Munich, located within walking distance of Marienplatz and other areas of Munich on my list of things to see.

Richard’s friend that lives in Munich, met us for dinner that evening at an Indian Restaurant called Sangeet.  It was excellent!  I left them to catch up and returned to the Apartment.  The following two days we explored some of Munich.  This gaggle of geese in the English Garden reminded me of the Serengeti migration…


Although the sky was overcast, it seemed nature’s colors were so vibrant!  These ducks were swiveling their heads this way and that…


Approaching one of the squares, either Marienplatz or Oedeonplatz, the fountain’s spray was dramatic!


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