Best View of Neuschwanstein Castle

It was late May of this year when I took a short bus ride from the train station in Fussen at 8:05am to Neuschwanstein Castle. Actually the buses only go to the parking lot and then you can take a shuttle, horse drawn carriage, or walk up. I walked up and made my way to a hidden spot to take a few photos of Neuschwanstein. I discovered it through this blog. The Marienbrücke bridge is temporarily shut down so it came in handy. I tried to take a selfie but the lighting wasn’t good. It’s a little scary because you’re on the side of a cliff. After visiting Versailles and all of those Chateaus in Tours, France… I had no desire to go inside. I had also read that so much of it is closed off to the public that it’s kind of a let down.

If you walk to it, it’s uphill.

On the walk you pass this gorgeous view! You can see Hohenschwangau Castle on the right.

I rewarded myself later with these delicious German pastries.

p.s.  If you’ve just began reading…I planned an 11 week, 5 European country, 21 accommodations solo trip from April – June of 2022.  Photos were taken with my LG Velvet Android phone.

6 thoughts on “Best View of Neuschwanstein Castle

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  2. The pictures of the pastry make my mouth water, Sherry. The wonderful and tasty Germen pastries are among the things I miss most here in the US.
    That – Fuessen actually – is where Mary learned that “without (whipped) cream” is “ohne Sahne” in German. She loves Apfelstrudel, but not with whipped cream. So she learned to order it “ohne Sahne”. It took the kitchen in our hotel in [“Zum Hechten”] in Fuessen quite a while to learn her preference. I remember that one time the Apfelstrudel had to be returned three times in a row before the kitchen finally left the whipped cream off.

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