Hiking Petra

Hiking Petra is an electrifying experience!  Although the landscape seems stark…it’s alive with energy!  Over the course of two days, I was able to hike for miles through the ancient grounds, high into the rock formations.  These horse and buggies are available for those that aren’t able or don’t want to walk.


Initially you hike about a mile along a trail called the “Siq” with rock towering on both sides…


Petra was filled with a special light…


At the end of the “Siq”, you come face to face with “The Treasury“.  Trying to imagine the labor that went into carving these buildings in the stone is almost impossible!



Petra is alive with people selling their wares and hiking!


We climbed higher….


and encountered children playing amongst the stone hillsides…



My fellow adventurers were in a playful spirit also…


It was so much fun to hike in Petra because of the beautiful temples you would come upon…


This one looks like a face to me…


There were camels and donkeys…



The Bedouin people, who are nomads, have their camps set up…


There’s a time and place to act like a kid…which seems to be quite frequently for me…


Things turn a bit more serious as we navigate our way across a very narrow ledge…

Petra Cliff - Sherry


Our next treat is “The Monastery”…


All of these caves used to be inhabited by people…


A few of us went up higher…


for this view…



Hiking Petra needs to be on your Bucket List if it isn’t!!

37 thoughts on “Hiking Petra

  1. Love your photos….so vibrant. Can’t wait to go and experience for myself. Petra looks absolutely magical. Love to get out and explore – thanks for sharing. So inspired!


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  4. Thank you for liking my post and leading me here. I was very thrilled to read about you and your life – both are fabulous! There sure are some great lessons to learn in your posts. You mentioned Jordan, so I had to come here and see what you have written of Petra, as I will be heading there at the end of March. Looks stunning! I guess the best thing is to aim high and far from the ground?


  5. If I were 30 years younger I would consider going to this wonderful place. But since I’m not I have experience the joy of your adventure through the lens of your camera and the narrative of your words. Thank you for taking us on your hike. The photos are truly stunning.



  6. S ~ You’ve seen a lot of the world. I’ve seen a lot of the world too. Petra was one of the venues I visited the first time out of the country, so very many years ago. It light the fire of travel, a fire that burns much less brightly, but smolders nonetheless. Thanks for the photos, they bring back great memories.


    • Actually, that was the first trip for me (Egypt and Jordan) to what they call “developing” countries back in 2009. I had traveled quite a lot, just not to places like that! I’m happy you enjoyed the photos and appreciate you stopping by!


  7. Reblogged this on synkroniciti and commented:
    Travel Spirit has another wonderful photoblogpost, this one about hiking into Petra in Jordan, full of iconic buildings carved into the rock. Enjoy the desert!


  8. Absolutely stunning pictures. I’ve just found out that there’s another WordPress Blog, also dealing with Petra [http://gallivance.net/2013/01/26/petra-a-dream-come-true-2/]. Maybe you’ll enjoy that.
    Best regards from southern Texas,


  9. This is another wonderful post! I love the desert and frequently head over to Utah to enjoy the red rock. There are some similarities to Jordan, but the structures at Petra are very unique.

    It must be synchronicity at it again, because I decided to make this week a desert theme at my site. I would love to reblog this if you don’t mind me doing it again… several people have told me personally that they loved your White Temple post. Anything on my site is wide open to you at any time if you ever have need for it.

    Best wishes,


  10. Thanks Sherry for linking our Petra post to your blog. Your photos of the ruins and hike are great. When we visited Petra is was frigid, which made for fewer crowds, but it was always good to get out of the canyons into the sun. I particularly like your photo of the Monastery. We didn’t make it up when we were there (what with the snow and all), so it’s nice to see a really good photo of it. Thanks again for the link.


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