Ultra Light Teardrop Camper

Yesterday, I mentioned I went to check out something I’m thinking of buying!  It’s a Little Guy Teardrop Camper!  The manufacturer is located in Massillon, Ohio and they’re built by Amish craftsmen.  You can find a dealer in 35 of the States.

These used to be popular back in the 50’s and have just recently begun to take off again because of the high gas prices.  Weighing in under 1000 lbs., most vehicles, even small cars like my Honda Civic, can tow them!  Although my car is rated to tow 1000 lbs., when you get all of your stuff into one, I’d prefer to be under that weight!

I want to take a road trip…stay for free occasionally in Wal-Mart parking lots…when I’m not staying at campgrounds.  Perhaps through North Carolina to the coast…down to Charleston…Savannah…Destin Beach, Florida…New Orleans and then on down to Florida.  My friends laugh when I say I might stay in Wal-Mart parking lots!

This is the Silver Shadow model.  It has the most features and the largest price tag.

The 5-Wide Platform is 5-ft. wide inside (imagine that)–queen size bed–and as you can see has a sink and built-in propane stove.

The Little Guy Joey weighs in at less than 500 lbs. and at $5,000 is quite affordable.  The kitchen counter folds down when not in use.  The dimensions of this one are 4’x7′ with a full size bed… so when I laid down in it my feet were hitting the kitchen table (remember I’m 5’11” tall).  They make a 4’x8′, but I think it’s a bit too small and I would rather have a sink.

This is the silver shadow interior…

After scouring the internet for a couple of days, I found the Nestegg Campers out in California.  They weigh 700 lbs. and range in price, depending upon extras, from $10,000 to $11,000.  You have to wait a couple of months for them to make one for you.

Serro Scotty is very similar to the following Prolites below, but they weigh 960 lbs. and I’m trying to keep it below 800!

There’s a company in Canada called Prolite and I was really excited to find them.  As you can see from the below brochure, you can cook and do dishes inside and they have a lot of standard features.  I like the idea of being able to put your feet on the floor inside.

The Eco is $15,000 (Canadian dollars) (750 lbs.), but the Cool 13 is only $12,500 and 850 lbs.  Those prices are including the extra $1500 they charge for misc.

There is an even lighter model called the Suite that looks similar to the Eco, weighs 550 lbs. and is only $8,500.00.

Here’s the inside…

I would have to drive 9 hours to Canada to pick it up.  What’s a girl to do?

P.S.  I’m also thinking of just taking my trusty tent and camping!

90 thoughts on “Ultra Light Teardrop Camper

  1. I’m a 69 year old woman who usually travels on her own and I’ve had a Prolite Suite since 2012 and it is the Best Buy I ever made! I travelled for years with a large dog and was able to tow my 550 pound dry weight trailer with a Honda Fit. But when I wanted to load her a little heavier and to go farther afield and be able to pass other vehicles going uphill through all the mountain passes we have in B.C. I traded up to a Honda CRV.

    She tows like a dream and and I can do a u-turn in minimal space as well as pull into and out of the space available for slightly less than two cars on any downtown street in any small town or large city in the U.S. or Canada. Also L.O.L. She goes like a dream through tight fast food drive throughs!! The Suite is a basic bed on wheels. When I retired in 2018 a friend and I circumnavigated the U.S. and back across Canada over a four month period and had a blast. The only thing we added was a porta pottie so we could be self sufficient and take advantage of free camping through Boondocker’s Welcome.

    Prolite is a company out of Quebec who make a great product and they stand behind that product! They have larger more equipped and heavier to tow models if you want them but for people like me who want to road trip without worrying about dumping grey water and worse or having to worry about doing a ton of stuff before you put her up for the winter then the Prolite Suite is the Bomb!! I just clean her out, slap a tarp on her and call it done!

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  2. I want a small travel camper so bad. I can’t decide what would be best. I’m looking at a local campground for a spot but I would also love to be able to just hook it up and go. My Equinox can pull up to 1500 pounds. The thought of taking it to the beach, the mountains, the lake. That would be awesome. I think my dog would enjoy a camper too.


  3. Sherry, your camper reminds me of the tiny house movement that’s been going on for awhile. it also makes me think you would enjoy microcruising?http://www.microcruising.com/

    small boat island hoping if you will.

    anyway, love your blog, and thaks for making 50 somethings look better than just an over the hill bunch.


  4. I plan to hit the road too, in two years’ time. Loving the planning stage and looking at Bolers and other small trailers, vans, anything but camping (my back loves a good mattress). It’ll me and my dog, crossing Canada, in search the authentic. Best wishes on your journey!


    • There’s a camper rental place here in Charlotte NC we used to rent a fabulous A Liner. They also had a teardrop. What was great about the teardrop was it came with a tent that sealed around the door. When you wake up you can just step out and dress comfortably. Also, you can sleep your kids or pets out there and it can be air conditioned. Problem is, you’re going to love it, and you can only justify renting once!


  5. So cool! You are living my dream – or about to! I discovered this book last year, “My Cool Caravan: An Inspiration to Retro-Style Caravans” – it’s at Amazon, published by British couple – and it’s totally inspiring. I threatened almost 10 years ago after I sold my house to buy an RV, outfit it with a darkroom, and travel around the country taking portraits in whatever town I wanted to stop in. Ended up doing some other free spirit things, but I’m circling back around now to the little caravan idea – keep me posted on what you end up doing – I think they’re such an opportunity for creativity as well as life adventure. Great blog –


    • Thanks Heidi! I’m living on 5 acres in a town outside of Cincinnati, Ohio, but still traveling quite a bit. I ended up not buying one of those…didn’t like the idea of having to cook on the back if it was raining…having to set up a tarp, etc. I may reconsider in the future though. I checked out your website briefly…very cool! I love the light, wispy images. ~Sherry~


  6. My vote is for you to make the trip to Canada. You are an adventurous sort and Canada really is nothing compared to some of the places you have been. Of course it would make a difference where in Canada. Hopefully, close enough for us to meet. 😉


    • Well…I’ve decided to buy a mini-van. I was nervous about having to tow something all the time and for a few other reasons…so this makes sense for me. Maybe this summer I’ll get to come visit! xoxo


  7. Extremely cool … but not for me – not a camper or caravan girl. Don’t know why. Can’t see the fun with doing the same things as at home in a much smaller space – really like the whole idea for people that enjoy camping … great photos too. You suit in one. *smile


  8. Sherrie – You are such a Travel Spirit!! I can’t believe you are going to do a big road trip, but if you’re near Atlanta, you HAVE to come see me! I hope you find the vehicle you’re looking for, but whatever you buy, please be sure it’s safe when you’re in there sleeping. Meaning…NOT a tent!
    We love your posts too much to risk the author!! xoxoox b


    • Betty – Thanks so much for worrying for my safety! I’ve decided to buy a mini-van. I’m tweaking the itinerary right now. I thought of driving to Ashville, N.C….then onto Charleston…etc. But, if you’re in town I could swing by Atlanta! When I know for sure the dates, I’ll call you! I’m so excited!


  9. Hi Sherry,
    Before you buy a teardrop, I hope you’ll consider this suggestion. For the same kind of money, you could have your feet on the floor when you want. Stand up, even, stove, sink, refrigerator, closet, TWO double beds, big enough for someone 6’2″ tall, two comfortable chairs, table, storage, and more. Also, two fewer tires to replace. You can camp not only in WalMart parking lots, but on city streets and in national parks and on BLM lands. You would always have everything with you, can park anywhere, including regular parking spaces, metered or not, etc.

    To see what I’m talking about, click on
    and see what I’m talking about. It would be ideal for a trip like you’re considering. Besides, when you’re finished with it, if you ever are, you can probably sell it for what you paid for it!

    To follow my recent adventures across New Mexico, Arizona and California, click here,

    Wishing you Happy Travels and Best of Luck,


    • John – I can’t believe it’s you! I’ve thought of you occasionally and wondered how you were doing! Can you believe I’ve changed my direction of thought today….and have been looking at buying a mini-van! There aren’t many VW Westfalias around, so I’m thinking of a Chevy…maybe an astro. I hope to leave within 10 days…haven’t packed or anything yet. Just need to hit the road! Hope to talk to you soon! xoxoxo


  10. Hi there,
    They’re really cute little [and not so little for some] things, aren’t they? Have you ever been to the blog “Travels with the Blonde Coyote”? She travels around in one, too. Check it out, if you want, here http://theblondecoyote.com/2012/03/12/teardrop-dreams/ & here http://theblondecoyote.com/2012/03/30/introducing-the-still-to-be-named-teardrop/.
    Take care, and have a great weekend,
    P.S.: I’m very curious as to what your final decision will be.


  11. There is actually one of these dealers (Prolite) about 30 minutes from my town….. if you come to Canada you should stop by my perffect little town of Stratford, Ontario. You would love it here!


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