Take a Peek

Here are some of my adventures and hobbies and of course travel and photography are at the top of the list!  (Now I know not to take a camel or elephant ride)

I went sky diving a few years ago, but don’t have a photo!



Snow Skiing

White Water Rafting



Segway Riding





Sand boarding

Horseback Riding

Elephant Riding

Camel Riding

109 thoughts on “Take a Peek

  1. It looks like you and I have a lot of the same hobbies in common:-) Enjoying your posts. Your pictures are beautiful. I’m a newbie at photography but I love the challenge of educating myself on something new!

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  2. Hey Sherry, how are you? I decided to back off a bit from Cabo de Gata Photography in favour of pushing my music project. Anyways, just catching up on reading blogs as I now have a little time on my hands (long story). I hope you are well. Best wishes, Martyn 🙂


    • Hi Martyn – It’s great to hear from you! I’ve been well…so happy the weather is warmer now. Keep thinking I should move somewhere warm. I’ve been busy with revamping my photography website with pricing, etc., started jogging again, lots of spring projects (just stained the deck over the weekend, planted flowers, and did gardening. Still have to mulch, shampoo carpets, and paint the great room), cooking, socializing, and of course taking photographs! I help an elderly man organize once or twice a week (he’s somewhat of a paper hoarder) and spent some time organizing a trip to Ireland/Scotland/Turkey. I’ll be taking 5 (maybe 6) people through Turkey in September and am finally starting to make some money doing it. If you’d prefer to e-mail me, it’s sherrylachelle@gmail.com. 🙂


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  4. Hi Sherry, thanks for visiting my blog, and the “like” on the sartorial elegance post. Fun eh? You probably gathered we’re travelling all the time – there’s an insistence on presence because since we have no home to go home to, home has to be within ourselves. We’ve been following Eckhart for years since way back when he held gatherings in living rooms in Vancouver. Truly inspiring. Love your blog. WTG!
    Alison xox


  5. Wow, you certainly have done a fair view things. Have any of these turned into hobbies. We would love it if you you write a guest article on our hobbies website, would be great to hear from you, great stuff…..Cheers, Graham, YH..www.yourhobby.co.uk

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    • I do a lot of things occasionally…the things I do the most of are…photography,hike, jog, cook, yoga, and during nicer weather add in bike, water-ski. There are so many things though that I’ll do rarely…like snow-skiing, zip lining, etc. I would love to submit an article. I’ll let you know which hobby I pick. OK?


  6. Wow but you sure seem to enjoy life, and if I wasn’t married I’d be asking for your hand, you love to do all the out door things I enjoy, great to see you love life and everything that goes with it… Great…


  7. Oh – next time you get to ride an elephant – try to lose the basket seats and get settled behind the head of the elephant like the Mahoot in front of you. It’s much more comfortable and easier riding. Elephants are clever, gentle and easy to ride. I lived in Chiang Mai for many years and I’ve taken tourists on dozens of elephant treks. Oh goodness..another flashback coming on!!


  8. OK OK – you got me on the Segway thingy! So now wI have to go find one. I love your blog. I don’t think I mentioned it much on my ramblings but I backpacked for almost 20 years before I got married. Travel is definitely in my blood. My biggest downfall was a lack of photography skills…unlike you!! Beautiful shots and quotes. Sometimes after going through your latest article my mind is off wandering the trails and bus stations and airports…and sand dunes…and camels…and mountains…and ohhh the list is long as it’s a big beautiful world. Thanks so much for the many smiles you’ve given me.



  9. Geez! What is it that you haven’t tried in adventure? 🙂 Love the photos. Very very inspiring. I call myself a budding traveler. And its lovely to see someone who has explored life so much!


  10. I’m so envious!!! You got to ride a camel! For some reason I love camels – the best I have now is a wooden one I have named Chester 🙂 I have informed my kids if I am dying they have to get me on a camel before I die, preferably in the Middle East somewhere – they just shake their heads and laugh…


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