Children of Thailand and Laos

I’d like to do a series of posts displaying photographs I’ve taken of children in other countries.  I’ll start with Children in Thailand and Laos.  I visited in December of 2009 for a couple of weeks.  Some of the children wore beautiful and colorful costumes.  I’m not sure what holiday they were celebrating.  I believe someone said their New Year…but when I researched it…I don’t think so.


This little guy was a talented drummer!


We took a long-boat trip down the Mekong river in Thailand to a border town of Laos and stopped at a couple of villages along the way.  This young girl was gorgeous!  They were selling the handmade bracelets they were holding.


Visiting a local school was an experience.  This little girl was darling!


More beautiful costumes and girls…


After allowing me take their photo…the girl on the left stuck her tongue out at me because I didn’t give her any money.  They sure are cute though!


This boy’s pet looks like a fox.


“Your children are not your children.  They are the sons and daughters of Life’s longing for itself.  They came through you but not from you and though they are with you yet they belong not to you.”  ~Kahlil Gibran


24 thoughts on “Children of Thailand and Laos

      • Wonderful Photos! A few comments if I may without stepping on anyone’s toes. Thailand is my second home. I lived there for 12 years and was a tour guide for three. I also lived with the Lisu, Meo and Black Lahu tribes for quite some time. I’ll be retiring there as an organic farmer in three more years. I’m far from an expert but thought I’d toss in my two cents worth. Photos are probably closer to Chiang Rai. First photo are Meo (possibly Mung) children. Most of the hill tribes don’t really have a Nationality…long political story. They aren’t actually wearing “costumes”, it is their regular clothing though this may be their “let’s meet the tourist and make a few baht” Sunday best. The girls start the embroidery when they are about 4 years old – each tribe has their own design. A lot of the work is done without printed patterns – freehand. The boys drum is big but not heavy. The next photo – oh so sweet – also look Meo but possibly Karen or Kunming refugees…they all blend together for many reasons. The girls with the umbrellas and fancy head dress – definitely dressed to make money on photos from tourist….please remember your probably camera costs more than their family makes in a year, so a bit of snobbery is to be expected as this is actually one way they make money…beats prostitution. Think of famous movie stars passing by your house everyday and going ” Oh Look. A cute little housewife doing laundry. Quick, take a picture to show our friends”. Your tongue might stick out after awhile too. Some of the tribes do quite well..others still struggle. The school photo makes me want to go back. I taught English for 4 years there. So many great memories. The kids with the Lotus flowers – Lord I’m getting homesick. And don’t get me started on Thai dogs!! Especially the hill tribes. Your photos are amazing. I now have to go scan my old ‘photo albums’ for an hour or two and dream!! Love it!


      • Hi Doug – I’m so glad you stepped in. That’s so cool you’re retiring there! I’d say you are definitely an “expert”! Everything you say makes sense. I’m happy you enjoyed the photos. 😉 ~Sherry~


  1. The girl who stuck out her tongue reminded me of when I bought an embroidered tablecloth from a Mexican woman. After buying it, I asked if I could take her picture. She said, “If you pay me.” It took all the joy out of the purchase and I get a bad feeling whenever I look at the tablecloth now. I feel like using it as a dishrag instead.


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