Look to the Sky in Madrid

One of the many delights of Europe is the architecture and Madrid was no exception!   Every where you turn there is a new fountain, statute, or plaza!

SS850407 SS850486


I have a split personality…probably because I’m a Gemini.  Anyway, I currently live on five acres surrounded by woods, with a 70 foot deck to enjoy it.  I love it!  But, I would love to have a place in the City.  To be in the center of the action and be able to walk to the grocery, etc.  For now, I can imagine what it would be like to live in a building like this.


Lovely gardens…



The next destination of my three-week whirlwind European vacation was Lisbon, Portugal.  We took the 10:30pm night train and I slept on the top bunk.  Although this night train looked much newer than the one I took in Cairo, Egypt, it was much noisier.  I didn’t sleep very well!  But, who cares about sleep when you’re in Europe.


 See you in Lisbon!

26 thoughts on “Look to the Sky in Madrid

  1. I live in a large city. In the same building I live, on the ground floor, there is a grocery. I have a cafe, a bakery, a kiosco, a lingerie store, a pet store, a pizzeria on my street.
    And you know what I wish for every morning when I hear the noise of the cars and busses and the train station that is half block from my place?
    a deck like yours …


  2. Hi,
    Gorgeous architecture on the buildings, the builders of old really liked to make everything stand out, and the buildings always look magnificent. I love the way the garden is done, the colour is also very striking.


  3. If you wouldn’t have said anything, I’d have guessed the photos of the horses and chariots were from Rome. Shows what I know. You included wonderful shots of the Architecture. I love the complexity and the detail of the shots. Good job. Congrats on having had the opportunity to visit Spain.


  4. We seem to have some things in common; I too am a Gemini who enjoyed living in a rural setting for a time, but now I am back in the city and loving it! I love the energy, and being able to have so much at my disposal – food, drink, music, art and even bits of nature in the city parks. For me it is a dream come true – perhaps someday you may be a city dweller too!


  5. That architecture is very pretty, almost formal. Love the statues, too. When I was young I wanted to live in New York City, row housing/skyscapers, but this looks quite elegant and walk to everywhere, so cool!


  6. Oh, I LOVE the photos of architecture (and pastry, of course) !! This makes me want to leap on a train immediately … I’ve never been to Lisbon, but have always wanted to. BTW, a 70-foot deck on 5 acres?? what bliss!!


  7. I’m with you, I’d love to live in a small row house in an historic center. I did years ago and really miss being able to run out the door and grab breakfast somewhere. Loved it! There always was that parking problem though!!


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