Treasures of Lisbon, Portugal

I absolutely love Lisbon, Portugal!  It’s smaller, less crowded and more quaint and the pastel colored homes are darling!

During my visit back in 2010, I spotted a man taking this (half) mannequin into a building…what perfect timing!


I wonder what stories this gentleman could tell us?


One of the reasons I want to travel a lot before I retire is that I can easily walk for miles and find treasures like this tucked away on side streets!


While having lunch at a sidewalk cafe, this young man with an accordion began playing for the guests…so of course I had to dance!


My traveling companion and I met a group of people next to us and as you can see…we hit it off!  I forget what we were laughing about…but it makes me laugh again!


I can’t resist taking photographs of animals…


or flowers…


or trees with pretty purple leaves…


and especially young couples in love!


Tomorrow join me in the stunning Sintra, Portugal!

38 thoughts on “Treasures of Lisbon, Portugal

  1. I’m planning my next big adventure (when I have time and more importantly money) to walk the camino de santiago again, this time the camino portuguese, from Lisbon, and passing through Porto and finally to Santiago de compostella (or finisterre again:D), Spain


  2. Lisbon looks really pretty! isn`t it amazing what we can find in our walks? like the man with the mannequin!!! great capture!
    When my friends say that they rarely see me in a beach, I say that I save it for later, when I`m too old to go trecking LOL


  3. Hi,
    It must of been wonderful to walk through the different alleyways, on the cobbled path, and coming across different things.
    I love the photo of the dog, he looks like he is guarding the fruit. 🙂


  4. I can tell that the man in photo #1 is a respectful and tender lover. See the way he’s holding her perfecty upright, supporting her gently, yet firmly with his arm. He has just told her how beautiful she is and so she has turned away to conceal her embarrassment. Or he could just have horrid breath.


  5. I’m getting itchy feet reading your blogs. I’d love to see some of those places I’ve missed. Love your photos. They have “life” in them; not just the buildings – although some of those have a lot of character too.


  6. I love drinking my tea and looking at your travel post every morning, it makes me feel as though I’ve been somewhere wonderful even before I walk out the door!


  7. One of my great surprises at the Rijk’s museum in Holland was to see a dog painted by Rembrandt, and at the Prado a dog on the scene of Velázquez’s “Las meninas”. Love your dog photo…surprising and real.


  8. I would love to walk on those cobbled paths with my own two feet, but following you through your pictures is the next best thing. Thanks.


  9. Very nice! Especially the first and last! The man in the first photo looks a little too excited about the doll though…..hahah!


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