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1203211925cLooking back, my decision to resign from a traditional 8 to 5 job to take care of my mother, was the beginning of a wonderful chapter in my life!  Working in the corporate world for 30 years and raising a son left little time to discover my likes/dislikes. I soon discovered that traveling is in my blood (I’ve moved over 40 times) and have been fortunate to be able to explore more than 60 countries, via Couchsurfing, Airbnb, VRBO, and some of the more conventional ways.

Starting my own meetup, “Travel Spirit Meetup”, enabled me to take over 20 people through 24 countries in Europe and Central America between 2014 and 2016!  I’ve had time to take some photography classes and was a Photographer and Travel Writer for Cincinnati Refined for five years, in addition to taking senior, family, real estate and other types of photographs through my own business.  I started a business in 2016 taking people on tours of Cincinnati and by 2019 had hired seven freelance Tour Guides and was #1 on Trip Advisor!  Since the pandemic hit, I’ve dissolved the company and am now retired.

Teaching myself how to use Lightroom, making over 250 new Recipes in 18 months, and starting this blog which now has over 5,000 followers have been a few of my accomplishments. Hiking solo to the bottom of the Grand Canyon, finishing my first half marathon, hiking for over 3 days in Peru to Machu Picchu, sky diving, and traveling over 5,000 miles in an Overland Truck through six African countries, camping most of the way are a few more.

I’m a Veteran having served in the U.S. Army for four years, stationed in Germany for the majority of that time and have my B.A. in Business from the University of Texas at Dallas.

I live in Northern Kentucky, having moved from a country setting in Northern Cincinnati in 2019 after my husband passed away.  My only child passed away in 2019, a year after my husband.  I know they want me to be happy and to continue living life with as much enthusiasm and wonder as before.

Some parting photos…I used to like picking up people.  It started on my 1st honeymoon in Cancun in 1987…

p.s.  I stopped doing that after a trip to Turkey in 2015…too hard on my back. 🙂


Your visits are my reward.

I prefer not to accept awards…thank you for the thought!

664 thoughts on “Meet Sherry

  1. Sherry, I had not looked at your blog for some time. Wow, what amazing adventures you’ve had over the past year! So impressed with your growth, positivity, and continuing spirit of adventure. Congratulations! Rock on!



  3. Sherry, you continue to amaze me! After reading about all you do, I just might have to go take a nap. Over 4500 followers? Four years of daily posts of my paintings, and I could only come up with fewer than 200.


  4. Hi Sherry – what a great idea for a blog.

    I am looking to get into real estate photography. I have a great and expensive Nikon that I love but rarely use because I too am part of the 9-6 Corporate rat race. While I love my work, I am looking to do something more creative and fun, and hopefully earn a decent side living until I can make it a more full-time reality! My question for you: how did you break into real estate photography? Did you take classes and if so, what kind? Have you earned significant money doing this? …that was more like 3 questions, but really, any guidance you can offer would be terrific! I hope to hear from you.

    Best wishes in your new career and safe travels…not to mention, Happy Holidays!


    • Hi Bianca…My brother’s wife is a real estate agent. I think networking is the best way. Contact real estate companies. As far as money…I’ve only had two jobs in that area, but combined with everything else I do, it’s enough for now. Hope to grow though. Good luck and happy holidays to you also!


  5. Yesterday I stumbled upon your blog and read through some of your interesting posts. You write good and the photos in your blog are spectacular. But the thing that suprised me is, Well, you have travelled in 42 countries around the world! is this correct? I can’t even imagine that. It must be a mind opening experience. You sure are a free spirited woman. Thanks for replying to my earlier comment, by the way.


  6. I am a 50 something woman, new to blogging and there is not too much out there for us. I love your point of view. Most women’s blogs are mommy blogs, fashion blogs or cooking, but we are all of that and more. Yours covers a range of subjects as does mine. Changing stages in our lives and deciding what comes next after interesting careers and kids growing up is an adventure to enjoy. Stop by my blog


  7. Thrilled to hear about you and how life at 50 is stunning! Age-ing doesn’t worry me anymore. Thanks for showing me the true spirit to live! Much love to a free spirited woman!


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