It just keeps gettin’ better!

It’s so much fun to find new ways of looking at things.  I saw a spine…so I got down to take a photo!

These amazing homes are on a beach called Alys Beach.  They’re right next to Seacrest and Rosemary Beaches, within walking distance.

I would call this palatial!



It seems the more photographs I take, interesting scenes pop out.  Almost like I was blind before and now I can see!

He waved at me!!

Someone’s home…


This is one good reason not to have a place right on the beach!  You can take photos of the people in front of you!  Tomorrow is another full day…see you then!

36 thoughts on “It just keeps gettin’ better!

  1. Glad you got to see Aly’ beach it is quite special !! I used to live in this neighborhood , near Seaside ( the first development ) and Gratton beach ! Tho it is a bit to crowded now 😊


  2. The more we delve into our photography the easier it become to see what is around us… the art of seeing is the key to interesting shots… Nice work as usual!


  3. These photos are amazing and the houses out of this world… oldish architecture, palatial and then ultramodern… how magnificent…. can’t wait for tomorrow… I just love that first photo… you are quite the expert…


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