Bicycling through Rosemary Beach, Florida

Hopping on my bike, I set off to explore the Rosemary Beach area located four blocks east of my condo.  With over 500 homesites and a town center with shops, restaurants, and activities, you never need to leave home!

The town is a master-planned community and with its cobblestone streets and gas lanterns, has a definite European vibe.  I began to imagine the perfect couples with their perfect children, living their perfect lives in their perfect homes (kind of like The Stepford Wives), but then remembered no one is perfect!  Even on the beach you feel a bit out of place…me in my bikini…them in their one piece with a little skirt bathing suit!  Oh gad….what must they think of me…the interloper!

Rosemary is also known for its Bocce ball tournaments and the popular candy store, The Sugar Shak.

They have plenty of bicycles for hire…

The Town Hall and Post Office are charming!

A partial view of some of the shops…cafes…

The homes and condos varied in design.  This is one of the more modern homes…

The community has some beautiful common use areas…

No code…No Access!

This is another community two blocks from Rosemary…

I worked up an appetite.  Salad–Bread with Cheese–Vino!  On the balcony.  Life is grand!

After lunch…time to soak up some sun at the pool!  I think it made it to 70 degrees…just barely warm enough.

Tomorrow we’ll finish up my day with some absolutely gorgeous photos from my walk on the beach!!

19 thoughts on “Bicycling through Rosemary Beach, Florida

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  2. I’ve only ever been to Miami and Ft Lauderdale (West Palm Beach a long time ago), so I never imagined Florida could be so… Quaint, I guess.
    Bicycle town? Where can I move in?!
    The shot of that modern home is CRAZY!
    Always love your photos. Thanks for sharing. 🙂


  3. Wonderful photos – love the 3 window with the “green grass” – and the common area .. with the wooden benches – FAB photo. My pick is the bicycle photo. And I have seen one person in the shop shot … there is people around. *smile


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