Bicycling through Alys Beach, Florida

The stretch of pavement that extends 18 miles from Rosemary Beach to the West is perfect for walking and/or bicycling!  After jogging a couple of miles on the beach and having a healthy lunch, I set off to explore the area.

One of the areas you pass is Alys Beach…

Everything is white, blue or green!  Except for the yellow lines in the road!

I like the aura around the entry gates…

This home wasn’t in Alys Beach.  I’m not sure what development it was in, but I love the color!

I passed Camp Creek Lake and Deer Lake on the ride.  I think this is Camp Creek.

Rusty bridge and shadows love!

The day’s not over yet.  Tomorrow I have photos from an Art Festival and another fun sunset photo!


5 thoughts on “Bicycling through Alys Beach, Florida

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  2. I don’t know if you’re in the region still, but I’d like to recommend the Tallahaasse-St. Marks Trail, which my wife and I bicycled years ago and enjoyed it a lot.—st-marks-historic-railroad-state-trail.aspx
    Enjoy Florida,
    P.S.: I’m constantly enjoying your postings, which give me new insights and ideas for what to visit.


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