I’m in Love!

I’m in love!  The colors in the gulf are surreal!  As promised in yesterday’s post, here are some images I captured walking to the beach and then with my zoom lens from the balcony of my condo…

Symmetry appeals to me…

Standing at the top of the steps…

These are from the balcony…

I have a Mac laptop with iPhoto and that’s what I use to tweek photos if necessary.  Most of these are the true colors that were captured.  I can’t believe how beautiful our world is!!

I’m a lucky girl!!

It was still early so I drove 4 blocks down the road to Rosemary beach, which is the cutest planned beach side development I’ve ever seen!  It’s upscale and trendy.  Not much of a night life…but there were a few places.  There was a musician singing and playing the guitar at one of the restaurant/bars that offered outside seating.

I stopped a lady walking by and asked her for suggestions.  Her name was Paige and as we were going over the options, she said I could come with her.  She was going to pick up pizzas and salad from one of the restaurants and taking it back to a friend’s home around the corner, where there were about 10 women celebrating one of them turning 50!  We had a glass of wine and then walked around the corner to the home/condo.  I really enjoyed talking with them.  I think they were surprised that Paige had picked up a visitor to bring back.  The condo was gorgeous and the women were well traveled and interesting!  Paige had attended the prestigious Vanderbilt University.  I love meeting new people and solo travel definitely encourages you to expand beyond your comfort zone!

29 thoughts on “I’m in Love!

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  2. Such gorgeous colors in every one of these shots! I wish I were there instead of here Somewhere-in-the-Middle-of-the-USA with winter approaching. Ick.


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  4. Gorgeous colors Sherry! Loved all the pictures! I was smiling that you went to Paige’s party because Marco & I have also invited strangers to our parties too…..one time it was the florist at our grocery and another time is was a construction worker at our friend’s house. We always set another place setting….just in case!!!


  5. I love top shot of the 3 set of beach chair, my favorite shot – some stunning photos, but no people around.. and everything looks like there is nobody around. It’s like being out of a catalogue for a estate agent.
    You photo are breathtaking – specially the sunset ones.


  6. Well I did enjoy our trip today and we got to see some fantastic places… can we buy the second from last one… it looks like something I’d love… glad you didn’t drag me to the all women party… I enjoyed staying behind and enjoying the sunset… where we going tomorrow…??


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