Historic Pensacola, Florida

Pensacola, Florida has a lovely historic area contained within a few blocks, consisting of 27 properties, 11 of which are open to the public (for a fee).  I packed a lunch and drove the hour and 45 minutes to Pensacola from Seacrest, with no agenda or knowledge of the area.   Along the way, I passed through a variety of beach towns–Santa Rosa, Miramar, Destin, and Fort Walton.  Destin reminded me of Myrtle Beach…very commercialized with shops, restaurants, putt-putt golf…and lots more!

A stop at the Visitor’s Center and I had information about the historic area.  The Old Christ Church is located there…

I’ve never seen a green wooden fence…

I LOVE brightly colored homes with porches…

This looks to be a nice area to sit and relax…

Not sure what this is…I parked momentarily in a pay lot (but didn’t pay)…so I had to hurry.

I have a big treat for you tomorrow!  After I drove back home…I walked to the beach and have some extra special photos!

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