Tunes & Blooms at the Cincinnati Zoo

Going to the Zoo, no matter where you live, is a rather inexpensive way to get some exercise and have fun!  Especially if you have a band to listen to and beautiful flowers surrounding you.  The Cincinnati Zoo has a cool free event (except for parking) in the Spring called “Tunes & Blooms” where you can do exactly that!  I was there a couple of days ago with my friend Dee and was so delighted to happen upon this beautiful Peacock strutting his tail feathers…


The reggae music was fun to dance to provided by “The Cliftones” band.  There were tons of children there enjoying the tunes!


Dee and I saw quite a few people we knew, so while she talked with them, I went in search of some cool photos…



This fenced in area is, as you can see, for the “Andean Condor“.  The setting sun provided an interesting semi-silhouette look…


Here’s Dee in the midst of the tulips.  She didn’t really want her photo taken, but humored me and I think it turned out really pretty!


Occasionally, when I encountered interesting people, I would ask them if I could take their photo.  I told this girl on the right I liked her hair…


This cute girl’s tie dye outfit was cool.  Flashback to the 70’s!


Can you say “bohemian”!


I motioned with my camera to ask permission from this little girl to take a photo in the midst of people dancing to the band, so she stopped and did a quick pose…


If you’re looking for a fun, inexpensive and beautiful place to go on a Thursday evening, Tunes & Blooms at the Cincinnati Zoo is the place to be!

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18 thoughts on “Tunes & Blooms at the Cincinnati Zoo

  1. Love the peacock and the hyacinths and the blue hair! Not so much the other girl’s tattooed chest, though, I must say (if it’s permanent) 😦 All your photos are great, of course, as always!


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