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I love my work!  How many people can say that?  It took me a while to get here and it’s not just one job.  Not only am I a freelance photographer, I’m also helping an elderly couple (around 90 years old) organize and declutter their retirement village condo, and am taking people on trips to Europe!  I work with the husband, mostly on paperwork, because the wife has a touch of Alzheimer and is physically limited walking very slowly with a walker.  I’m finding this line of work very rewarding because I’m able to remain patient and let him make decisions about his things.  I offer suggestions.  I didn’t realize how patient I can be.

Anyway, last night I took photos for an event called Revel & Feast held at Memorial Hall in Cincinnati.  It’s was a celebration marking Cincinnati Shakespeare Company’s 20th anniversary season.  My assignment was to take around 25 posed shots of people along with their names, and another 25 shots of the awards, a performance by teenagers, and some of the area where dinner was to be served.

The light glowing in the background really accentuated these beverages…


The venue is gorgeous!


There’s a place called Neon’s in an area of Cincinnati called Over-the-Rhine and I did a photo shoot for iSPYCINCY a couple of weeks ago.  They have a brunch on Sundays and an outdoor seating area.  Dogs and their owners were out soaking up the sun and enjoying the yummy food!


There was even live music!  This is one of the band members.  He reminds me of James Dean or someone from that era.


The next few photos are ones I took in the last couple of weeks.  Here’s Jake in the early morning sunshine.  Whenever I try to take his photograph, he looks away.  When I say, “Do you want to go for a walk”, his head swiftly swivels and he searches my face to see if I’m serious!


On Easter, I went to brunch with family and snapped a quick pic of this unique building in Covington, Kentucky.  Love the blues!


A few weeks ago, I attended a friend’s Retirement party and was asked to be the volunteer photographer.  I gladly accepted.  Bob, the retiree, had hired a popular local band to play at the hall he had rented and there were at least 300 attendees!  Needless to say, I was busy the entire night.  Every time I wanted to stop, there would be more people in line.  Bob makes wine, so when I delivered the CD of photos to him, he gave me two cases of his wonderful wine!  He’s actually won awards in California for his excellent wine.  Here’s one of the photos I took.  I don’t know why people weren’t having fun!!!


It was a chilly morning when the sun rose and illuminated these daffodils in my yard…


And lastly, for the Cincinnati Reds Opening Day celebrations, a group of us women got together and joined in the fun.  We went to a number of venues downtown and I took way too many photographs.  Anyway, I took one of these Sushi chefs that are out in the open at Crave Restaurant making their sushi, and loved the beautiful lit wall behind them!  They’re pretty cute too!  They were so sweet and gave me some free sushi!!


As you can see, I’ve been having a blast!  Tonight I’m attending a reception for friends that got married a few weeks ago and tomorrow going dancing with girlfriends!  Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!

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20 thoughts on “Photo Shoots for iSPYCINCY

  1. I am so happy that you are involved both in a spiritual way, in helping the couple de-clutter their home, and in a very public, business and promotion of your wonderful and artistic photography, Sherry! You probably caught the awards and really made each photo shine in your 50 total photos. Will you be able to share them with us? I think it is such an honor that they chose you to celebrate this 20th anniversary celebration of the Cincinnati Shakespeare Company! Way to go!


  2. Rock on, Sherry! Beautiful work that looks like it feels like play. Those daffodils and the initial shot with the glasses are completely fabulous, and Jake is too. Glad to hear that you are sowing light where you are.
    Best wishes,


  3. That’s great, Sherry! It’s always good when you can enjoy what you’re doing and getting paid for it just makes it better! I hope things work out well for that couple. Thank you for taking care of them. They probably don’t have anybody else.


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