Dates and dining out

I’ve had three dates in the past week. The first date was a second date with a gentleman. We dined at a Korean restaurant in Covington, the food was very good. Then we went axe throwing. It was the second time I’ve done this. It’s somewhat frustrating because it’s difficult, reminds me of golf because you have to do it a lot to get good at it.

My second date was with a friend I’ve known since December. We dined at the Knotty Pine on the Bayou. It was my first time here and the food was delicious! I love raw oysters. The restaurant has an outdoor seating area also.

My third date of the week was a third date with a gentleman. He’s Italian, and we had dinner at Mama’s on Main in Covington, I had never been there before. The food was excellent! We even split tiramisu for dessert. The decor, as you can see is very nice.

Last night my friend came over and I made a chicken dish with ancho chili, and a cucumber and avocado salsa on top. The weather was nice so we sat on my outdoor patio and had fun drinking wine and dancing!

Life has been good! Have a great weekend everyone!

Speed Art Museum, Louisville, Kentucky

On Sunday (10/2/22), my friend and I left our Airbnb in Louisville and went to the Speed Art Museum before heading home.

We both loved it. It has a variety of art…modern, Ancient, African, European, Kentucky, etc. Plus on Sundays it’s free.

Next we drove to Libby’s Southern Comfort Restaurant in Covington, Kentucky. We both had the yummy Shrimp Roll.

It was a quick 30 hour road trip filled with good food and interesting places.

Unwind and uncork a bottle at these 3 Local Wineries

Meranda-Nixon Winery

If you’re lucky, like I was, when you arrive at the Meranda-Nixon Winery, you’ll be greeted by one of the proprietors’ friendly dogs.  You may even see one of their beautiful horses as you gaze at the lush vineyards.

Vineyards at Meranda-Nixon Winery

Horse at Meranda-Nixon Winery

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Photo Shoots for iSPYCINCY

I love my work!  How many people can say that?  It took me a while to get here and it’s not just one job.  Not only am I a freelance photographer, I’m also helping an elderly couple (around 90 years old) organize and declutter their retirement village condo, and am taking people on trips to Europe!  I work with the husband, mostly on paperwork, because the wife has a touch of Alzheimer and is physically limited walking very slowly with a walker.  I’m finding this line of work very rewarding because I’m able to remain patient and let him make decisions about his things.  I offer suggestions.  I didn’t realize how patient I can be.

Anyway, last night I took photos for an event called Revel & Feast held at Memorial Hall in Cincinnati.  It’s was a celebration marking Cincinnati Shakespeare Company’s 20th anniversary season.  My assignment was to take around 25 posed shots of people along with their names, and another 25 shots of the awards, a performance by teenagers, and some of the area where dinner was to be served.

The light glowing in the background really accentuated these beverages…


The venue is gorgeous!


There’s a place called Neon’s in an area of Cincinnati called Over-the-Rhine and I did a photo shoot for iSPYCINCY a couple of weeks ago.  They have a brunch on Sundays and an outdoor seating area.  Dogs and their owners were out soaking up the sun and enjoying the yummy food!


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I did it!

Last night I gave an hour-long presentation on a trip I took to Egypt and Jordan back in 2009, to a Travel Meetup club I belong to!  Although I was a member of Toastmasters for a while and gave a few five-minute speeches, this was a great accomplishment for me.  I wasn’t that nervous and everyone seemed to enjoy it.  It probably helped that there were only 9 people there…but for me it was a great feeling!  My Powerpoint presentation had 120 photographs that were shot with a point and shoot, but I recently bought Lightroom 5, so I doctored them up some.  Now I can’t wait to give presentations on my other epic trips…Peru…SE Asia…and Africa!

To avoid the worst of traffic, I left my house early to drive to Covington, Kentucky, where the event was held, so I had some extra time and decided to practice my photography.  These two photographs are of the Cincinnati skyline at sunset.



Here I am in the venue before the presentation.  I love the architectural elements of the building…the high ceilings, beautiful woodwork, and large windows.


When you face your fears, anything is possible!


From Covington to Newport, Kentucky

My exploration of Covington, Kentucky ended at a restaurant along the Ohio River, meeting a girlfriend for a drink, before heading home.  The Cincinnati skyline was beautiful…


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Colorful Creative Covington, Kentucky

If you’ll remember from my post yesterday, I was walking around Covington, Kentucky, in the freezing cold, taking photographs and talking to shop owners.  These next two photos are from a candy store!  That wasn’t difficult to guess.  It’s hard to believe that Pez candies are now collectibles.  There’s something to be said for those people that collect and/or keep things for many years.  I’ve moved over 40 times in my life…so I’ve become an expert discarder of things!


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Photo Shopping in Covington, Kentucky

Yesterday, I explored Covington, Kentucky, which is located right across the Ohio River from Cincinnati, Ohio!  In the area called MainStrasse Village, I found princesses and fairies at Stoney’s Gifts, where the owner Sandi Stonebraker has created a magical shop.  She and I chatted for a while…about travel, art, and photography, but I forgot to ask her if she painted the paintings in the shop.  I believe she did!  They are whimsical and fun.


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