Palace Splendor in Sintra, Portugal

Pena Palace in Sintra, Portugal is a wonderful day trip from Lisbon.  In less than an hour by train, you can step back in time and feast your eyes upon a splendid castle that dates back to the 8th century!  The town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the view of the surrounding town from within the fortress walls is…so European!


The Pena Palace was built in the 1840’s and even has a drawbridge.  I took this zoom photo of the Palace from the Castle and then we walked to it.


Here is the view as you’re approaching…


Whenever I’m exploring something or somewhere new, I get a rush from the anticipation and literally have to hold myself back from running to it!  It’s a photographer’s dream!

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SS850686 SS850691

The Pena Park surrounds the area (Palace and Castle).  We hiked through a small section of it and would have seen more, but it wasn’t clearly marked and we got lost a few times.

Upon arriving back in Lisbon, we boarded our overnight train to Madrid and upon arrival in the morning…immediately boarded a three hour train to Barcelona, Spain!

39 thoughts on “Palace Splendor in Sintra, Portugal

  1. Hi Sherry
    I was born not so far away from this beautiful palace (Palacio da Pena) in Sintra, Portugal. Congratulations for all of this great articles. Safe Journey.


    • Isn’t it interesting how we have preconceived notions or no notions about a place. I felt the same way about Bosnia and Slovenia…until I saw a fellow blogger’s posts/photos and now they are on my list.


  2. The history in those places is amazing. The walls and tiny paths… who might have walked there or ridden horses through there, or battled intruders? Who laboured on those huge structures? Imagine working on those rooftops, trying not to fall.


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